HNC in Shanghai【Fast & Effective!New Han-Fan】

New Formulations for Peak Sales Performance

In a market that pursues the ‘fast and effective’ in healthcare products, liquid dosage forms standout due to the higher absorption rates and the ability to carry more active ingredients, making the most sense for multi- benefits transport systems. Our TCI R&D team have over the years dedicated to the study of ancient surefire classics combined with modern technology to create contemporary chinese herbs drinks including that for collagen boosting, male & female wellbeing, eye-care, detox enzymes, spleen & stomach health, nervous system nutrition, immunization etc. We’ve designed a full range of ready-to-use drinks to help you enter and dominate in the eight types of major supplement market. "Drinks" for global!

The World Health Organization recently published warning about the future and the cause of a global infectious disease X. TCI’s Team for Immunization and Neurological Health, developed a number of formulations for boosting immunity, and then with the application of our proprietary Double Nutri™ processing ¬ Micro- Emulsifying Technologies that can combine oil soluble and water soluble nutrition and reach the optimal bioavailability for cells from a guaranteed direct absorption of all active ingredients. To be with you and confront this international pandemic together!

In 2017, of the many enterprises in Taiwan, TCI became the first RE100 member and received the honorable title of a carbon-neutral green-energy promoting corporation, together with top global business initiatives and working with you to protect our environment.

We will be at the Ninth Asian Natural and Nutritional Health Care Products Expo (HNC) to announce our latest technologies that aim to help you and your products to reach peak performance. We sincerely invite you to visit the exhibition booth E7-S01 and of course look forward to seeing you and hopefully create a win-win solution together!

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