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Very first time published in the Biotechnology Industry.

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Full-automated fast screening allows us to untie gene puzzle = predominate future.

    Events Subject
  • Collagen Chocolate:Black gold-Evolution of Youth.
  • Self-Balanced Panty Liner:Feel the real freshness.
  • iLiver™ Longan Shell Coffee:Protect your liver with richness of flavour.
  • Fat-burning Enzyme Ice Cream:Say goodbye to your muffin top.

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Global Health and Skin Forum

TCI Co., Ltd. also host the Global Health and Skin Forum during Taiwan Biotechnology Exhibition. The guests from the same field as scholars in the field of biotechnology will attend, including members from UC Davis, National Taiwan University Medical College, China Medical University, and Presidents from the ASEAN Food Society and Shanghai Food Society. Experts in collagen manufacturers will also join with us.

We are delighted to welcome health care skin brand partners to join the exclusive and unique exploration of TCI. Let this forum be your opportunity to share and explore latest developments and future trends in the health care industry.

    Excellent Subjects
  • Beauty Supplements and Skin Care Products Trend and Progress-TCI-Dr. Wu, Dr. Chan, Dr. Ho, Dr. Chen
  • Taiwan Food Science and Skin Care Field Current Events and Development Trends-National Taiwan University-Professor Min Hsiung Pan
  • China's Food Products and Skin Beauty Trends and Future-Shanghai Food Science Association-Chairman Ying Jie Pan
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