Global Operations

TCI has collaborated with brand clients to export products to 48 countries worldwide, reaching 75% of the world's population. We will continue to Join and Delight Consumer's Life through the influence of our excellent products.

Taipei•Headquarters TCI Co., Ltd.

8F, No. 187, Kang Chien Rd., Nei Hu Dist., Taipei 11494, Taiwan

TEL: +886-2-8797-7811

FAX: +886-2-8797-3577

ShanghaiBioScience, Shanghai BioTech Group

Room 801, No. 100, Yutong Rd., Intercontinental Business Center, Shanghai 200070, China

TEL: +86-21-5102-9211

FAX: +86-21-5102-8211

Beijing Office

Room A019, Floor 10, Building 19, Lujia, Sanhuan North, Chaoyang District, Beijing City

TEL: +86-10-51269211

Guangzhou Office

Room 5308, Dongta, Tianying Plaza, No. 222, Xingmin Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City

TEL: +86-20-8566-0611

Chengdu Office

No. 3602, Floor 36, Building 3, No. 1199, Tianfu Boulevard North Section, Gaoxin District (Wuhou District), Chengdu City

TEL: +86-28-6600-9211

Indonesia TCI Jakarta Office

Level 23, Plaza Marein Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 76-78, Jakarta Indonesia Jakarta 12910

TEL: +62-21-8065-7839

FAX: +86-21-8065-7888

Pingtung Precise iManufacturing – Rock (Panshi) Park

No. 12, Shennong Rd., Changzhi Township, Pingtung County 90846, Taiwan

[S5] TEL: +886-8-762-9158

[S9] TEL: +886-8-762-1158

[S11] TEL: +886-8-762-9158

Precise iManufacturing –Golden Hill (Jinshan) Park


No.9, Lane 285, Tiangong Rd., Jinshan Industrial Park, Shanghai 201500, China

TEL: +86-21-3728-9211


No.989, Jin Ge Rd., JinShan Industrial Park, Shanghai 201506, China

TEL: +86-21-3791-8811

Japan 大江生医JAPAN株式会社

530-0005 大阪府大阪市北区中之島 2-2-7

TEL: +81-6-6227-8798

FAX: +81-6-6227-8805

USA Utah TCI Biotech, LLC

615 Arapeen Dr., Suite 205 Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

TEL: +1-702-217-4912