Healthy Food: Can Snacks be Healthy?

Can Snacks be Healthy?Topic of this month is "Food Going Healthy"

Busy Life, Modern People Eat More Snacks than Regular Meals!

Busy modern life has affected global eating habits. For example, average lunch time in the UK is only 15 minutes (Reports showed that it was roughly 85 minutes in 2006). There are 51% of British reported that they cannot consume a healthy diet during the allotted lunch time and 30% of Americans do not have enough time to prepare and consume healthy meal. As a result, there are up to 51% of Americans choosing health snacks instead of regular meals and more than 40% of consumers replace regular meals with snacks in China.

How to Produce Healthy Food?

The methods of producing healthy food are broadly divided into two types. First, develop processed foods or beverages with targeted health benefits, these are usually new products; such as Dream Water. Second, adjusted formulation or recipe to existing processed foods. Allowing products that were originally known to cause physical harm and transform them to reduce adverse side-effects; moreover, enhancing the product with special health effects. The first method is commonly seen in the industry, and the second method is a new trend that has recently been seen in food development.

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