Corporate Governance

TCI Co., Ltd, was founded in 1980, in collaboration with our clients and partners, we have created many best-selling products around the world over the past few decades. Every year, TCI Co., Ltd produces hundreds of millions of tablets and capsules worth of dietary supplements, tens of millions of bottles of functional drinks, and millions of facial masks and cosmetic serums. Our products can be found in over 40 countries worldwide, joining and delighting the lives of hundreds of millions of people. We are grateful to our clients for these achievements, but feel more than ever the weight of responsibility upon our shoulders. We continuously research more effective products, and set “Join and Delight Consumer's Life” as our most important goal. TCI Co., Ltd operates with Trust as its principle and focuses on Creation while using Intelligence. We have has a long-term positive commitment to providing clients and consumers with high performance products and services.

Basic Information and History

CapitalNumber of EmployeesNumber of R&D Personnel
NT$ 2 billion978117


Internal Control and Risk Management

Even though strengthened management is a necessity both in law and administrative requirements,TCIhas always treated it as more than such.Our company management facilitates better operating performance and bolsters our advantages to benefit all stakeholders.

The internal control and internal audit process have been established based on company management principles.They are created to ensure:
1.Reliability of financial reports;
2.Conformity to relevant regulations;
3.Operating performance and efficiency.

Internal controls and audits are implemented by regularly checking operating protocols and results through both internal controls and external audits.In such a manner,the design of internal controls can be confirmed,including the efficacy and concrete execution of management and monitoring of subsidiaries.Records of random audits can be used as supporting evidence for the internal self-evaluations conducted by department heads.Such internal control statements are submitted to the competent authorities regularly,as mandated by law,once they have been approved by the Board.TCI has set up an auditing office under the Board of Directors to operate independently and objectively.It carries out the Board's annual auditing plan, and report its auditing progress to the Board.

TCI has three independent Directors, each well-respected in their respective fields of expertise. The three form the Auditing Committee and the Remuneration Committee, responsible for the internal controls mechanisms.

However, regardless of how well-designed the internal controls measures are, the effectiveness of internal controls may change due to changes to factors such as circumstances, regulations, and personnel. Therefore, a stringent monitoring method must in place to ensure the effectiveness of internal controls and audit protocols. TCI simultaneously has a monitoring mechanism in place. In the event of faults or doubts about legality in company operation, corrective actions will be enacted to apply the company management mission concretely and without error to its daily operations. As such, operating performance can be improved to protect the interests of investors and creditors, while bolstering enterprise values and competitiveness.

TCI operates on the principle of integrity. The company demands that the Directors, managers, and all employees must act lawfully and morally in all matters relating to the company as well as in daily activities, to protect the Company's assets,interests,and reputation.No business activities shall involve directly or indirectly providing,promising,requesting,or accepting any unjust enrichment.Dishonest or illegal conduct is strictly prohibited,especially the following:

  1. Accepting or offering bribes
  2. Providing illegal political contributions
  3. Providing illicit donations or sponsorship
  4. Providing or accepting unreasonable gifts,hospitality or other unjust enrichment
  5. Leaking confidential business or product information and thus compromising the security of the client's data
  6. Insider trading
  7. Deceiving,misleading,defrauding or otherwise compromising the trust or interests of the consumer
  8. For business activities related to the personal interests of the Directors or managers,conflicts of interest should be strictly avoided
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