Integrated Bioscience Design

TCI Co., Ltd is a professional ODM company, we care and explore consumer's needs, and provide comprehensive service including product planning, marketing, research and development, package design, manufacturing, quality control, legal consultation, import/export service through “Integrated bioscience design”, based on “Trust, Creation and Intelligence”.

What is IBD?

Integrated bioscience design is the interdisciplinary integration of expert knowledge and technology from fields spanning chemistry, biology, mathematics, industrial engineering, medical genetics, aesthetics, human factor engineering, applied material science, and consumer behavior research to fulfill consumers' needs.

We analyze consumers' needs from the market, such as anti-aging, body cleansing, postpartum care, and men's health, and create high performance products that can improve consumers' lives with the most advanced technology. TCI Co., Ltd has already developed products in health foods, supplement, sheet mask, functional drink, collagen, skincare, medical equipment and drugs. We will continue to march on, with “Join and Delight Consumer's Life” as our primary goal.

TCI synergene


TCI Co., Ltd's exclusive Synergene™ product development platform is built through integrated bioscience design, with genetic technology product development techniques as the foundation. Based on years of product development experience in 53 different countries globally, the Synergene platform allows accelerated product development, quicker registration, and faster sales. TCI Co., Ltd strives to create best-selling products with brand companies and together take the functional food and skincare product markets in each country by storm.

Quality that comes from an advanced research and manufacturing process

Quality is the ultimate barometer for dietary supplements and skincare products. At TCI Co., Ltd, we subject ourselves to the most stringent standards in the world, including the EU's OECD auditing process, and the ECOCERT natural and organic certification. TCI Co., Ltd has put together the most talented research team in the industry, while keeping up with academia; we regularly exchange innovative research ideas in the fields of functional food and skincare products. By building an “Industry 4.0” automated production line and establishing a pharmaceutical-grade quality control laboratory, TCI Co., Ltd strives to create the biggest competitive advantage, with the most effective products, and the best cost-performance.

TCI scientist

Scientific Verification of Efficacy

Bioscience Design stems from customer demand. By expanding investment in development, academic research, and capital and equipment investment, TCI Co., Ltd can clearly establish the correlation between our products and their effects, and thereby obtain the most optimal configuration. Through our partnering customers' high performance products, TCI Co., Ltd can carry out its mission to “Join and Delight”.

TCI icon DNA

DNA & mRNA research

Unprecedented agility and accuracy in projecting formulation efficacy.

TCI icon Monitoring

Efficacy Substantiation & Monitor study

Through the collaborations with medical research centers, we have laid the clinical verification techniques, ensuring only the best is delivered, for our clients and their clients.

TCI icon Lab Culture Dish

Fully Equipped ISO Certified QC Lab

The comprehensive in-house Quality Control capability allows us to conduct 100% of incoming material quality analysis as well as throughout quality analysis of the finished goods.

TCI icon Lab Microscope

State-of-the-Art Laboratories

Make underexplored resources available to consumers through biotechnology while preserving the bio-diversity of nature.

TCI icon Certification

Extensively certified production facilities

Include ISO 22000、FSSC 22000、NSF GMP、Taiwan GMP、HACCP、BRC、SEDEX(4 pillar)、HALAL、ECO-Cert.

TCI icon Global Logistics

Global Logistic solution

5 factories in Taiwan and China, currently serving to clients from 62 different countries around the world.

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