TCI's Mission and Values

TCI operates with Trust as its principle and focuses on Creation while utilizing Intelligence. TCI has a longterm positive commitment to providing clients and consumers with high performance products and services. Through the integrated bioscience design process, TCI develops high performance products to “Join and Delight Consumer's Life”.




We Pioneer

Integrated Bioscience Design

Once people have their material needs met, they begin to look for greater balance in physical and mental health. They chase the dream of being forever young. This is a trend — one that has made the biotechnology industry the prime new target for capital investment in every country. Government policy in Taiwan has identified biotechnology as a key economic lifeline for the next 20 years. The biomedical resources Taiwan has accumulated over the years and the continuous infusion of talent into the industry has turned biotechnology into a substantial industry that will lead the way for the economy.

TCI has taken up the burden of expanding the biotech industry in Taiwan and has proposed Integrated Bioscience Design as an enterprise blueprint. TCI is dedicated to integrating biotechnology talent with natural agricultural resources. With production lines that conform to international standards, TCI continues to create excellent products with the goal of “Joining and Delighting Consumers' Life”. TCI's hard work has put its made-in-Taiwan products, including dietary supplements, beverages, facial masks and skincare products, on shelves across five continents and more than 50 countries around the world. Consumers will all gain physical health and better quality of life after using our products. This represents more than just success for our company; it is living proof that the biotech industry in Taiwan is capable of competing on the world stage.

We Care

Understanding the Users' Needs from the Consumer Market

In the early phases of product development, TCI takes into consideration the consumers' real needs. In addition to the need for the product itself to be effective, we also analyze the usage patterns of the consumers, observe what's popular on the market, integrate this with the latest international trends, and utilize new dosage forms and high potency formulas. Through all this, we design the perfect product for the client. We also take into consideration the palatability of the product, as well as meeting modern people's demands for portability and convenience. Fashionably designed, the small bottles or packets give consumers the convenience of a quick, single-dose, nutritious supplement.

While enjoyable taste brings happiness, sharing thoughts about the product with friends and family facilitates conversation and a sense of accomplishment. Such a product not only integrates itself into the life of the consumer, it can also improve health and quality of life. These values come from TCI's deep understanding of consumers' needs, and our specialized products born out of the integration of a wide variety of resources.

We Explore

Extracting Taiwan's Most Precious Ingredients

Taiwan, the Ilha Formosa, is rich with fruits and vegetables, and is also a treasure trove of ingredients for TCI to explore. Nearly sixty types of plant ingredients including banana peel, young jujube fruit, young tangerine fruit, and peanut skins are all abundantly available agricultural products in Taiwan. Many have already entered the dietary supplement development process at TCI's Next Lab. Precious active ingredients can be extracted from these valuable plants; through technical expertise, these ingredients can then be converted into forms that are easily absorbed. Once produced, the product is tested on the cell testing platform in TCI's E-V-E lab to cross-check the effects each ingredient has on the different parts of the human body.

At invention expos and product launches, we have also published many of our experimental methods and efficacy findings. The results of years of hard work, they have received excellent feedback. We will continue to delve into more yet-to-be-discovered ingredients and explore their usefulness. The hope is to create greater value for the agricultural ingredients of Taiwan.

We Commit

Join and Delight Consumer's Life

A good product is the one that the consumer prefers. We keep our ideal of “Join and Delight Consumer's Life” in mind for every single product, right as we begin research and development. Whether it's the choice of raw material, supervising the production line, management of the overall quality, verification of product effectiveness, or development of the packing material, every little detail is an essential item that we closely monitor. A product only gains a good reputation after getting affirmation from consumers, and only then do market share and influence follow. As such, our most important goal is for consumers to become healthier and improve their quality of life after using TCI products. We believe that only when the consumer benefits and the client profits does TCI gain greater affirmation. This win-win-win is our goal, and our promise to consumers.

We Thrive

Thriving in Excellence

With the emergence of the industry and expansion of the domestic and foreign market in the past few years, we have also driven ourselves harder. Since 2010, we have enjoyed significant growth in revenues for five years in a row, and were awarded at the 12th round of the Rising Star Awards and the 22nd National Outstanding SME Awards. In 2013 the company was listed on the Taipei Exchange. In addition to strengthening company management and improving financial transparency, TCI is also proactive in attracting foreign strategic investors. Additionally, we pay back every shareholder for their long term trust and support with a stable dividend policy. We realize that achievement doesn't come easily, so we will work even harder in researching new products, establishing new product lines, and strategizing for the global market. We hope that all our efforts will bear satisfying results in the future.

We Excel

Reflect Humbly and Outperform the Norm

During the production process, supervision of process safety, careful use of food additives, and the completeness of our automatic inspection equipment are all critical keys to product quality. With all TCI products, we are determined to create the best, from the very first step of the production process. The laboratories established by TCI are capable of performing all necessary tests, such as for microbes and pesticide residues. Our factory equipment and production process has received certifications from GMP, HACCP and ISO, while our export products conform to regulations such as those of the EU's FSSC, ECOCERT, BRC, and the US's NSF. This year, after technical collaborations with our Japanese partners, our production technology has grown and progressed even further. We will continue to perfect the craft of production by measures such as introducing automated packaging equipment, automated production lines, and barcoding all warehouse operations. Only through humble reflection and continuous progress can we outperform the norm and outperform ourselves.

We foresee the Future

Developing Precision Medicine through Genetic Testing

When required, test results can suggest the best-suited supplement formula, dosage, and dosage form for people to improve their physical well-being and gain long term assurance of good health. Going forward, we plan on expanding research on our existing foundation to include fields such as initial DNA diagnostics, dynamic RNA monitoring, and medical proteomics. We will march toward the goals of anti-aging, anti-disease, and maintaining people's health in the best condition. We hope that with genetic testing, we can develop a holistic environment for life-long care, providing the most comprehensive health solutions for the health and quality of life of individuals, families, and society as a whole. Through greater implementation of genetics, we can realize the value of preventative medicine. This will allow society's medical resources to be distributed and utilized better, and help all enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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