12 Labs work together to build best selling product

Efficacy makes best selling

TCI Co., Ltd's Integrated Bioscience Design is orchestrated by twelve agenda-focused laboratories, they work together for a common goal: making technology available to the industry and offering transformative and agile solutions to our brand clients.

Next LAB

As far as the circumstance is reasonable possible

the Next LAB seeks more effective, safer raw materials and new technologies, to exploring more possibilities for the future.

Next LAB scouts and pinpoints research topics that are perceptive and far-sighted; with the powerful resources of the organization as back up, these forward-thinkers combining the most recent advancements from various academic institutions, acts as the incentive for innovative differentiation. We have successfully developed plant-stem-cell engineering technology that resolved the issues of sustainability with rare/ precious medicinal plants and herbs. The ability to produce stable supplies through callus tissue cultures that more importantly amplifies the final product potency from the refinement of ingredient activity and bioavailability; presenting to our clients the assurance of quality and stability of every product efficacy. Plant-stem-cell generated ingredients can be applied to both supplement & skincare. In addition, the encapsulation technology featured with micro-emulsion has been applied as the delivery system to carry active ingredients more effectively. This dosage form makes food and skincare products with better performance. Furthermore, the targeted liposome delivery system has been developed perfectly to contribute to more specific effectiveness on the target tissues for each product. Through rigorous technological developments, and deployment of global patents, we continue to innovate, experiment and practice; solving potential problems for our clients before they even occur and foreseeing the needs of consumers before they even realize through creating fully lifestyle integrated experiences.


Uncovering the bioinformatics of the genetic codes

We have successfully developed a highly-efficient model for bio-resource data mining: firstly, identify the major functionality of a raw material by the high-throughput gene expression platform; secondly, figure out the efficacy of a raw material by conducting more than 100 in vitro tests; and thirdly, establish the IBD Material and related formulas by the Synergene platform with the high-level photo-microscopy which can record the real reactions of living cells to a raw material. Moreover, we have established a novel analysis platform for medical devices. The automated system sequences personal genotypes effortlessly. This genetic analysis platform is for 58 common chronic diseases for Asians, such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity and 14 major types of cancers. The R1 chip providing dynamic tracking functionality and protein screening have been implemented to monitor customer’ s health conditions real-time. The Gene Lab has introduced a novel concept focusing on genes for personal health management to achieve the goals: preventive healthcare and precise nutrition plans for personal health.


The Molecular Identification & Analysis Laboratory (MIA Lab) utilizes various high-tech analysis instruments, such as GCMS, LCMS, NMR, UPLC and other up-to-date instruments to scout natural plant extracts, fermented plant extracts, plant-based proteins, probiotics, and different sources of collagen. The MIA Lab conducts the research tasks focusing on component analysis and protein sequencing and identifies the active substances providing benefits to human body by studying on a variety of platforms of biological activities. For optimizing the extraction process, the MIA Lab devotes to optimizing the extraction process for those active substances with best efficacy. The MIA Lab adds high-efficacy substances to build up differentiated products with great performance. “Join & Delight Consumer’s Life”!


Chain Effects from Microbiota

The H&M Lab focuses on personal microbiota. Through the targeted delivery system designed for probiotics and prebiotics, chain reactions have been built in the microcosmos developing obvious effectiveness inside out.

10 times higher – the number of commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms is 10 times higher than the total number of cells in human body! Proven by a number of studies, the balance of microbiota is inextricably linked to the functionality of body organs and systems. The Human & Microbiome Laboratory (H&M) Lab has applied the versatile bank of multi-functional microbial strains, the regulatory strategy for targeting specific probiotic strains, and the efficacy evaluation of peptides to guide the direction of development of symbiotic microorganisms. Remarkable effectiveness has been built from the microbiota. Utilizing the power of microorganisms efficiently let us “Join & Delight Consumer’s Life!

A new concept of gastrointestinal health:
Probiogenics = Probiotics + Prebiotics + Biogenics

Probiogenics is the culmination of the ultimate combination of gastrointestinal guardians.Probiotics are microorganisms introduced that are beneficial to the host's natural gastrointestinal flora. With prebiotics that serves as nutrients favouring the growth of those beneficial probiotics, and finally the metabolites (biogenics) from the probiotics activities, are the three influential factors for improving human gastrointestinal health.


The Al-stem Lab focuses on the research related to stem cell therapies such as in vitro cell culture techniques for mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), memory NK cells, fibroblasts. We amplify autologous stem cells and allogeneic stem cells by our proprietary manufacturing technology. We provide the safest and the best quality stem cells which are strictly controlled by TCI’ s exclusive technology and rigorous inspection process including material inspections, quality control for manufacturing process, and a variety of product inspections. We offer a total solution comprising a series of comprehensive services: consultation, genetic analysis, stem cell therapy, postoperative care, and tracing the state of illness. Here is a better option for stem cell therapy. Join & delight consumer’s life!


Transforming your concept into a commercially sustainable and globally compliant product.

The Q-ODM LAB implements the formulation provided by the Product Design Department and crafts theoretical designs into reality, as to ensure and prepare for a zero complication of manufacturing process and establishing the most reliable mass production schedule. We simultaneously adopt product formulation, mass production plans, product stability testing, and production optimization. After the moment the initial samples are created, our experts start to optimize the manufacturing model with the best production fluency. Through parametric analysis of sensory tests, flavor evaluations, skin reactions to a facial mask and dermatological studies, we have achieved the highest quality standards, while being the quickest in awareness for new business opportunities, and lastly providing the economics of rational quotation.


Validation of proprietary raw materials development and finished product performance.

Through the numerous collaborations with renowned medical research centers, we have laid the groundwork for a pioneering visualization of the clinical verification techniques, by issuing product validation reports to secure the reliability and integrity of a product’ s consistency, ensuring only the best is delivered, for our clients and for their clients.

  • Efficacy

    Validating optimal product performance, to substantially improve the lives of consumers.
  • Value

    All products are subjected to scientific verification techniques to authenticate efficacy and to guarantee consumer reception of health improvements.
  • Experience

    Actively gaining insight into the user-experience of consumers and to fine-tune in accordance to the core value of integrated lifestyle improvements, so as to inspire life-changing products that are gold medal worthy!

Cooperation Projects

- Internal Effectiveness Research

- Scientific Research Collaboration with a University/Hospital

- Customized Research Design for a Specific Client

ISO17025 LAB

This fully equipped laboratory is our trust in safety, ensuring all prod- ucts are 100% viable and intact for our clients and their consumers.

The ISO17025 Lab is internationally recognized by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). It is equipped with LCMS, GCMS, ICP-OES/MS, and electron microscopes. In 2019, a BSL-2 lab has been established to improve the accuracy of precision inspection and provide more items for microbial testing. The possible testing items are 4.3 times higher than before. The advanced equipment builds up better confidence for both consumers and clients. The ISO17025 Lab safeguards your products with the fittest international criteria, and upholds our insistence that all products conform to the high-efficacy standard. TCI is the first manufacturer that finishes the implementation of 100% safe product traceability system. The specifications and the detected values of each product have been recorded comprehensively. From raw materials to a finished product, we measure over 300 testing items, including plasticizers, 3 most common preservatives, 8 dominant microorganism groups, 9 most common heavy metals and 373 pesticide residues. The testing reports are attached to the finished products before shipment, so our clients can be completely at ease upon receiving their goods.


The packaging materials laboratory is mainly responsible for environmental protection packaging materials, special material development, and three-dimensional structure design. The development of green and environmental protection themes is the direction of various fields. The packaging laboratory will conduct research on the recycling of composite materials and bio-classification. At the same time, the appearance and packaging of the products will be studied to make it more convenient for consumers to use and reduce the smallest consumers.

Q-Pharm LAB

The aim of the Q-Pharm Lab is mainly to target TCI Group's existing IBD compounds, use disease-related screening platforms to explore the possibility of compound development into new ingredients and new drugs, and cooperate with the ACE Lab to perform pharmacological or toxicological adjustments of new drug molecules in response to an aging society. The Q-Pharm lab currently focuses on studying diseases related to aging and hopes to build strong protection for human health on the basis of TCI's development of dietary supplements.


The main task of the ACE (Advanced chemical synthesis and engineering) LAB is to analyze TCI Group's unique IBD compounds, develop a total synthesis route, and optimize the mass production process to meet the needs of future animal experiments and clinical trials. After combining the pharmacology and toxicology platform of the Q-Pharm Lab, the Lab can produce new compound molecules, with better efficacy and safety, as the core driver of new drug development. In addition, the team’s proficient organic synthesis technology can also provide technical support for the development of novel materials within the group and explore more possibilities.

Maxi LAB

The Maxi LAB mainly researches the medical materials made mainly from collagen and hyaluronic acid for tissue regeneration and repair, including preparations for intra-articular injection, artificial bones, collagen-based regeneration dressings, dermal fillers, and ophthalmic viscoelastic devices. The Lab's key technologies include collagen extraction and reconstruction, preparation of collagen-bioceramic composites, cross-linking technologies for hyaluronic acid, and application of biological materials in tissue repair and filling; the Maxi Lab is also equipped with the processing technology of collagen, bioceramics, hyaluronic acid and other matrix materials.

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