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Collagen, derived from Greek, is composed of three polypeptide chains which are assembled to form a triple-helical structural protein. It is the most abundant structural protein in animals, making 33% protein content in human body and around 75% in human skin tissues. Collagen mainly exists in the extracellular matrix of connective tissue. Collagen cross-links with several different glycoproteins, such as elastin and integrin, to connect different tissues in the body and provide support to cells. Especially connective tissues like ligaments, tendons, and the cornea all contain abundant collagen.


The origins & types of collagen

A study published in 2011 revealed the amino acid composition of collagen in two tissues: bone tissue and skin tissue (the top two tissues with the highest percentage of collagen). The results indicate that the amino acid composition of collagen in bone tissue and skin tissue are similar in the same species. The percentage of glycine and proline are both high in mammals and fishes. The percentage of hydroxyproline in fishes is lower than that of mammals. Therefore, the amino acid composition of skin collagen and bone collagen vary between origins.

The overall regulatory cycle of collagen

The total amount of collagen in human bodies depends on the balance between in vivo collagen synthesis and collagen degradation induced by many factors. (e.g., sun expo- sure, smoking, alcohol, and inflammation etc). Sufficient nutrients present in the bodies would accelerate the in vivo collagen synthesis rate, so that abundant collagen can be stored in the bodies. On the other hand, if the degradation rate is higher, our bodies will lose collagen gradually.

Which One is the Most Effective Collagen?

Then questions emerged: “Which one is the most effective collagen peptide product among the panoply of collagen supplements?” “How can I choose the best one? According to the molecular weight, the manufacture reputation, or the absorption efficiency?” The TCI research team conducted a two-stage scientific examination to estimate the effectiveness. In the first stage, we conducted a series of cell experiments and human experiments to confirm the effectiveness of our collagen peptide products. After the confirmation, we conducted a series of protein activity assays in the second stage...

The Extreme Effectiveness of Collagen, Decoding Collagen, Creating Infinity

TCI's development team published their research about all types of collagen, and the effective of collagen on human body, over 60 pages, just for your request.

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