Words from the Executive

From the time I joined TCI, we have gone through transformation and innovation. Now we insist on using integrated bioscience design as the basis for product development. Integrated bioscience design is the interdisciplinary integration of expert knowledge and technology from fields spanning chemistry, biology, mathematics, industrial engineering, medical genetics, aesthetics, human factor engineering, applied material science, and consumer behavior research to fulfill consumers' needs. We analyze consumers’ needs from the market, such as anti-aging, body cleansing, postpartum care, and men's health, and create high performance products that can improve consumers' lives with the most advanced technology. TCI has already developed products in dietary supplements, skincare, medical equipment and drugs. We will continue to march on, with “Join and Delight Consumer's Life” as our primary goal.


Mr. Vincent Lin

Vincent Lin,

Chairman & General Manager, TCI Co., Ltd.

Bachelors, Botany Department, NCHU

2010 3rd MVP Manager Award

2012 8th International Inventor Prize

2012 Model Young Entrepreneur

2014 18th Annual NCHU Outstanding Alumnus

2015 1st Annual Outstanding Alumni, College of Life Sciences, NCHU

Honoree, 2015's 53rd Ten Outstanding Young Persons awards

TCI Company Spirit

1TCI One, Think Big and Different
2Value Diversity and Inclusion
3Passion to Join & Delight Consumers’ Life
4Loyal to Customers and Scientific Results
5ASAP brings Quality, Quickness, and Quotation
6Always learning and solving problems
7Focus on team success and honors
8Innovate, Go forward, Make History
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