9 Labs work together to build best selling product

Efficacy makes best selling

TCI Co., Ltd's Integrated Bioscience Design is orchestrated by nine agenda-focused laboratories, they work together for a common goal: making technology available to the industry and offering transformative and agile solutions to our brand clients.

Next LAB

Unveiling Future Possibilities

As far as is reasonably possible,the Next LAB seeks more effective,safer raw materials and new technologies,to explore more possibilities for the future.

Next LAB scouts and pinpoints research topics that are perceptive and far-sighted;with the powerful resources of the organization as back up,these forward-thinkers combining the most recent advancements from various academic institutions,acts as the incentive for innovative differentiation.We have successfully developed plant-stem-cell engineering technology that resolved the issues of sustainability with rare/precious medicinal plants and herbs.The ability to produce stable supplies through callus tissue cultures that more importantly amplifies the final product potency from the refinement of ingredient activity and bioavailability;presenting to our clients the assurance of quality and stability of every product efficacy.Plant-stem-cell generated ingredients can be applied to both supplement&skincare.In addition,we utilize micro-emulsion encapsulation technology to give oil-soluble substances water solubility as to stretch product application and diversity.Through rigorous technological developments,and deployment of global patents,we continue to innovate,experiment and practice;solving potential problems for our clients before they even occur and foreseeing the needs of consumers before they even realize through creating fully lifestyle integrated experiences.


The Human Microbiome Laboratory primarily focuses on the establishment of a versatile bank of multifunctional microbial strains.Through active screening of probiotics and the natural flora function feedback loop,our development of target-specific microfloral adjustment and modification from selective bacterial manipulation truly benefit each individual from a personal scope.

A new concept of gastrointestinal health:

Probiogenics is the culmination of the ultimate combination of gastrointestinal guardians.Probiotics are microorganisms introduced that are beneficial to the host's natural gastrointestinal flora. With prebiotics that serves as nutrients favouring the growth of those beneficial probiotics, and finally the metabolites (biogenics) from the probiotics activities, are the three influential factors for improving human gastrointestinal health.


the Molecular Identification & Analysis Laboratory (MIA Lab.) utilizes various high-tech instruments, such as GC/MSMS, LC/MSMS, NMR, UPLC and other internationally recognized methodologies to analyze and identify natural active substances and microbial metabolites. MIA Lab works closely with the GENE Lab to define the active substances responsible for benefiting effects based on the results of in vitro studies. All of our extraction process are designed to provide maximum yields of health benefiting substances, making our product highly function focused and efficacy driven.


Validation of proprietary raw materials development and finished product performance

Through the numerous collaborations with renowned medical research centers, we have laid the groundwork for a pioneering visualization of the clinical verification techniques, by issuing product validation reports to secure the reliability and integrity of a product’s consistency, ensuring only the best is delivered, for our clients and for their clients.

  • Efficacy

    Validating optimal product performance, to substantially improve the lives of consumers.
  • Value

    All products are subjected to scientific verification techniques to authenticate efficacy and to guarantee consumer reception of health improvements.
  • Experience

    Actively gaining insight into the user-experience of consumers and to fine-tune in accordance to the core value of integrated lifestyle improvements, so as to inspire life-changing products that are gold medal worthy!

ISO17025 Quality verification LAB

This fully equipped laboratory is our trust in safety, ensuring all products are 100% viable and intact for our clients and their consumers.

The ISO 17025 Lab is internationally recognized 17025-certified by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). It is equipped with GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS to safeguard the products you receive with the fittest international criteria met, and to uphold our insistence that all products conform to the high-efficacy standard. TCI is the leaders that set an industry changing implementation of '100% Safety' product résumé licensing system which contains the entirety of product detailed specifications and every test report conducted from the ingredient to the finished products. Measuring over 300 test targets, those including but not limited to 3 major preservatives classes, 7 dominant microorganisms groups, 9 main heavy-metals categories and 105 pesticide residues. The datasheet documents are attached to the finished products before shipment, so our clients can be completely at ease upon receiving their goods.


Transforming your concept into a commercially sustainable and globally compliant product.

The Q-ODM LAB implements the formulations provided by the Product-Development department and crafts theoretical designs into reality, as to ensure and prepare for a zero complication manufacturing process and the most reliable mass production schedule. Simultaneously adopting fine-tuning in the advancement of our production processes; the moment the initial samples are created, the planning for all considerations regarding production flow, and product optimization commences immediately. Through parametric analysis of all available sensory tests, flavor evaluations, skin reactions to sheetmasks and dermatological referencing, we have achieved the highest Quality standards, while being the Quickest in awareness for new business opportunities and lastly providing the economics of rational Quotations.


Uncovering the bioinformatics of the genetic codes

We have successfully developed a high-throughput cell screening platform to readily identify the ideal optimum target function of every raw material. Through a series of experimentation we further clarify the interaction between active compounds and the impacts on expressing gene ensuring. On the other hand, we have developed G2 technology, a new genetic tooling and analytical platform, which can predict the likelihoods of certain disease developments: 58 types of chronic diseases (Diabetes, Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity and other metabolic syndromes) ; 14 major cancers. The R1 Chip, which allows a current physical status examination, and B1 testing: that provides dynamic tracking of genes and protein. The two-phase examinations are used to create a gene-centered personalized health management plan.


To comply with the mass output of a high-speed automated production line, the pace and accuracy of manual inspection can no longer meet these demands. The Eagle Eye Laboratory develops more focus sensitive monitoring equipment; that now provides direct online monitoring through computerized visual-identification system technology; generating cloud linked database to create a high-proficiency manufacturing environment that promises sure quality.


Cell therapy is an emerging therapy that treats disease through transplanting particular cells or tissues to replace or repair damaged sites. Many different types of cells like immune cells and stem cells can treat cancer or stroke, spinal cord injury, arthritis and cartilage defects, subcutaneous and soft tissue defects. The Anti-age Institute Stem Cell Laboratory is dedicated to the development of various cell therapy technologies such as adipose-derived stem cells, memory-like NK cells, and fibroblasts, etc.

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