TCI Sunrise Park: 1,000 Acres of Farmland

TCI has reserved the silver lining for you.

Due to the increased incidence of food safety problems in recent years, TCI has realized that monitoring our production is far from enough. With the belief of “Join & Delight Consumer’s Life”, source management is a must!

sunrise park

Sunlight, Fresh Air, Clean Water and Soil

The natural environment and people working with diligence are the best elements for cultivating materials.

Over 50 Fields

Your premium products are produced from our proprietary farms.

Inspection Tour Every 2 Weeks

The quality of crops is assured: our inspector visits each farm every 2 weeks.

TCI Sunrise Park

The Exclusive Farmland and Resources for You

We prepare customized and exclusive agricultural plans for your raw materials. We plant the seeds designed for you and integrate comprehensive applications from extraction technology, academic resources, and marketing materials simultaneously. All resources from TCI Sunrise Park are the solid support for your products

Welcome to pay a visit at TCI Sunrise Park and experience the revolution of agricultural production.

List of Activities

PlaceMonthTimeEstimated DurationLimit of ParticipantsRemark
Guided Tour: Red QuinoaNovember – January10:00~17:002 hours40in the growing season
Guided Tour: Red Quinoa (Growth)January – March10:00~17:002 hours40seeds & seedlings course
Guided Tour at Night: Passion FruitJanuary – March17:30~19:302 hours40
Guided Tour at Night: Dragon FruitFebruary – May18:00~20:002 hours40
Guided Tour to IBD Farmland: Orange DaylilyAugust – September9:00~14:005 hours40transportation excluded
Tree Transplanting ActivityWhole Year10:00~17:00Guided Tour & Planting Experience Activity: 4 hours40
Guided Tour: Exclusive Propagation StationWhole Year10:00~17:002 hours40

*Note: The actual situation is adjusted according to the farming season and customer schedule

Guided Tour: Red Quinoa (Growth)

Place:Chihpen, Taitung
Month:January - March
Time:10:00~17:00 (estimated duration: 2 hours)
Limit of Participants:40 ppl
Guided Tour: pest management without pesticides
Lecture: less pesticides applied
Natural, safe and sustainable crops

Basic Knowledge

Seedling Presentation From Generation to Generation


Photos: Seeds in Your Hands (Sample Photos Here)


Cultivation Process: In Compliance with the Requirements of GlobalG.A.P.

Event Video


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