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Happy Adaptogen Coffee

Product Description

Happy Adaptogen Coffee

Happy Banana ® Banana peel extract had been approved by US FDA to be an New Dietary Ingredients (NDI), showing the guaranteed safety as a food.
Banana peel increase tryptophan metabolism-related gene expression, help people calm and relieve depression.
Ashwagandha provide relaxing effect on anxiety symptoms

Product Ingredients

Coffee powder (Arabica & Robusta), Happy Banana Extract, Rhodiola Extract, Ashwagandha powder, Cinnamon Extract
*Contains about 46mg caffeine/serving

Product Claim


What Is Adaptogen Coffee?

Adaptogenic coffee is basically your standard cup of coffee that’s part of your morning routine but with extra benefits. These additional benefits come from the added plant extracts, which can vary from one manufacturer to the next, called adaptogens.

Adaptogens help balance your body so you respond better to physical and emotional stress. To qualify as an adaptogen, a plant must:

  • Be safe for human consumption when taken in normal (not excessive) doses
  • Provide positive effects on your body’s stress responses
  • Promote balance within your body

What Are the Benefits of Adaptogen Coffee?

What Does the Market Look Like Concerning Adaptogens?

The benefits of adaptogen coffee may vary from one formula to another based on the exact ingredients a manufacturer uses. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • Improved energy without the anxiety or jitters that come from excessive caffeine intake
  • Better stress coping and overall stress reduction
  • Increased ability to focus
  • Increased immune system functioning
  • Cellular damage healing
  • Decreased pain (specifically related to muscle soreness)
  • Faster muscle healing and reduced inflammation markers
  • Better sleep


The market for adaptogens is expected to rise steadily between 2021 and 2031 at about 7%. In 2021, the global adaptogens market size was $10.3 billion, but experts forecast this market to reach $20.3 billion by 2031. This means adaptogen coffee is a worthwhile investment for your business, promising slow but steady growth over the next decade.

How Is Our Adaptogen Coffee Different From Other Products on the Market?

Every adaptogen coffee manufacturer uses different adaptogens to provide positive effects. But some adaptogens are more useful or potent than others. Other manufacturers use popular adaptogens like ginseng, ashwagandha, eleuthero, and rhodiola. However, our patented formula uses a special ingredient that other coffees don’t include: banana peel extract or Happy Banana®.

Everyone knows that bananas themselves are an excellent part of a healthy diet. But did you know those peels you’ve been throwing in the trash can actually provide unique health benefits? For example, including banana peel extract in our adaptogen coffee formula means your skin can benefit, too. Banana peels moisturize the skin, reduce puffiness and decrease redness. It may also help to make skin smoother by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Happy Banana® you can really put the happy back into your skin.

But your skin isn’t the only thing reaping extra benefits with our patented banana peel extract formula. Your hair, teeth and gums will also benefit from better health. This is in addition to the standard adaptogen benefits listed above.

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