Highlights of VeCollal® Webinar

There are a wide range of supposed‘vegan collagens’ on the market; but the challenge is in finding a non-GMO, scientifically proven Vegan Solution.


  • VeCollal is the world’s first non-GMO, science-based, biomimetic collagen.
  • Vecollal has more than 70 clinical research papers to support its efficacy. 
  • Vecollal is unique because it is the only commercially available non-GMO vegan collagen alternative which is 100% identical to Type I human collagen.


In an in vitro study with TCI, VeCollal® collagen technology stimulated the fibroblasts cells to increase collagen synthesis by approximately 135%. Fiberblasts maintain structural integrity of connective tissues including production of epithelial cells, hence skin and joints.


Detailed clinical trial reports and results will be released in the April of 2022.