TCI's patented LipoTech - LipoButy™

Publish:2019-07-15Author:TCI Co., Ltd

LipoMask™x LipoSense™ x LipoQueen™.Feel the difference & See the difference.

TCI's patented LipoTech - LipoButy™

Why do we constantly look for the best way to maintain skin youthfulness? It is because the absorption rate of your skincare products is not enough.

TCI's patented lipo tech –LipoButy™ is your best solution to your beauty. With its high absorption rate, we apply this technology into our whole new series of skincare products –LipoMask™, LipoSense™ and LipoQueen™, which are designed to meet the needs of people's daily skincare routine.

LipoButy™ has better overall performance compared to other products without LipoButy™. For example, full serum encapsulation makes moisturizing effect of LipoMask™ better than general masks by 18% and with longer lasting effect. Submicron molecules accelerate the delivery speed of serum into the deep layers of skin. Besides, liposome structure actively transports the active ingredients and encapsulates whole formula to avoid the loss of active ingredients.

All you need for effective skincare is TCI's LipoButy™ series - LipoMask™ x LipoSense™ x LipoQueen™. Feel the difference & See the difference.

TCI LipoButy™ has earned recognition of international awards

  • 2017 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva: Gold
  • 2017 Concours Lépine lnternational Paris: Sliver
  • 2017 Seoul International Invention Fail: Sliver
  • 2018 Silicon Valley International Invention Festival: Sliver
  • 2018 The 32th World Genius Convention and Education Expo: Gold
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