William Yang

  • Founder and Honorary Chairman of TCI Co.,Ltd
  • B.A., Department of Economics, National Taiwan University

William Yang studied economics and believed supply and demand were the driving forces behind business model development. The perspective was rooted in his experience within the industry. A distinguishing viewpoint of theirs was the notion that supply should adapt to the era's demands. This concept played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of TCI.

In the 1980s, during a period of flourishing trade in Taiwan, the precursor to TCI - Ta Chiang International Co. - was established by William. It was a time when the global landscape craved textiles, building materials, and technological commodities sourced from Taiwan. However, by 2000, a significant shift occurred in the dynamics of matching supply with demand; this compelled Ta Chiang Industrial to contemplate a comprehensive metamorphosis. His trade expertise and firsthand experience managing a publicly traded information and technology enterprise provided a foundation for tackling this challenge. The pivotal question emerged: How could the company evolve harmoniously with the changing times? The answer materialized as Taiwan's reservoir of exceptional talent within the biomedical sector came into view alongside its premium agricultural offerings. His foresight discerned an emerging demand for well-being and aesthetics, creating momentum for an elevated human health and beauty market. Hence, he decided to establish the biomedical business unit a move that celebrated the inception of TCI. This strategic choice defied the norms of that period, as only a few enterprises would have ventured down such a trail.

TCI transitioned from a trade-focused entity to a biotechnology force. Despite the apparent difference, their underlying persistence remained the same discerning demand and establishing supply. They were reliable in generating profits for clients and providing top-notch consumer service. Through the OEM/ODM model and integrated bioscience design, TCI crafted high-performance products to "Join and Delight the Consumer's Life."

TCI Founder

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