William Yang

  • Founder and Honorary Chairman of TCI Co.,Ltd
  • B.A., Department of Economics, National Taiwan University

I have studied economics, and believe that supply and demand are the driving forces behind the development of business models. I speak of this from my experience in the industry. What's different is that I believe supply should evolve with the demand of the times, and that is the concept that has shaped the trajectory of TCI.

During the 1980s, when trade was prospering in Taiwan, I founded the predecessor to TCI: Ta Chiang International Co. At the time, the world demanded textiles, building materials and technological products from Taiwan. By the year 2000, the way supply is matched with demand had taken a drastic turn. This forced Ta Chiang Industrial to consider a transformation. We had extensive knowledge in trade, as well as experience with managing a publicly traded information and technology company. But how do we evolve with the times? At the time, Taiwan had an abundance of excellent talent in the biomedical industry and the best agricultural products. I saw that a higher-level demand for people will come from the desire to be healthy and beautiful, and that's why I decided to establish the biomedical business unit. That's how TCI was established, at a time when few companies would have chosen this path.

TCI transformed from a trade company to a biotechnology company. While those two directions may appear different at first glance, our persistence behind the scenes is the same. We observe demands and establish supply. We insist on making a profit for our clients and providing service to the consumer. Through the OEM/ODM model, and through integrated bioscience design, we create high performance products to “Join and Delight the Consumer's Life.”

TCI Founder