Founded in 1980, TCI Co., Ltd. was transformed from ODM(Original Design Manufacturer) company to a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) company in 2011 and was listed on the stock exchange in 2013. At the end of 2023, the group had 1,120 employees.

Through our differentiated product design and R&D technology, we design special formulations and products with unique new to market characteristics for our customers.

Headquartered in the Neihu Technology Park in Taipei, Taiwan, and with operations in Asia and North America, TCI is actively focused on  developing economy, environment, and society, creating sustainable value and potential for business.


TCI operates with Trust as its principle and focuses on Creation while utilizing Intelligence.TCI has a long-term positive commitment to providing clients and consumers with high performance products and services.


Based on consumer needs, we developed high-performance products with  exclusive IBD (Integrated Bioscience Design) methodology to “Join & Delight Consumer’s Life!”


IBD is a cross-disciplinary approach that integrates expertise in chemistry, biology, mathematics, industrial engineering, genetic medicine, aesthetics, human factors, ergonomics, applied materials science, and consumer behavior research, all driven by consumer needs.

By exploring these consumer needs in the market , for example anti-aging, in vivo environmental protection, postpartum recovery, and male health care, TCI create high-performance products that can improve consumers’ lives with the most advanced scientific research technology. TCI has developed health food, facial masks, functional drinks, collagen products, skin care products, and medical devices. We will continue to go forward with the primary goal of "join & delighting consumer’s life."



TCI is pioneering by focusing on consumer needs and investing more capital in R&D. In this way, we can establish industry-leading high-performance R&D and advanced manufacturing processes to enable our customers’ brands and products to meet consumer needs. Thus creating more effective and cost-competitive products, fulfilling our mission to “Join and Delight.”



TCI prioritizes R&D, academic research, capital, and equipment investment, and as a result, we can clearly identify the connection between product and effect. This enables the best configuration to provide consumers with high-performance products through our customers, in line with “Join and Delight.”



In collaboration with our corporate customer partners with a shared vision, we can deepen the interaction and cooperation in R&D, manufacturing, and global logistics. This is supplemented by our complementary work on patents, intellectual property protection, product certification, production line certification, capital cooperation, and various intangible assets to achieve a mutually protective partnership and realize the shared value of "Join and Delight."


In 2021, TCI formally proposed the concept of creating an Integrated Bioscience Design Trading Company, starting the first year of mergers and acquisitions. The Group currently has several subsidiaries, including TCI, Shanghai BioTech Group, TCI Living, Quantum Biology, MBI, and PETFOOD. TCI will connect clients in different cities on a city-by-city basis and then link them with their industries to form a large, dense network. This network is our Integrated Bioscience Design Trading Company.

BioFunction, Shanghai BioTech Group


BioFunction, Shanghai BioTech Group. was established on September 1, 2011, headquartered in Shanghai, founder Yang William, chairman Lin Vincent, BioFunction is one of the subsidiaries of TCI,is a professional functional food OEM manufacturer. including liquid drink,liquid sachet, solid beverage, tablet, capsule.


Founded in 2019, TCI Living focuses on creating TCI's own brand to create the ideal life of the future by incorporating TCI's unique IBD raw materials into various types of products around the details of "clothing, food, housing and transportation". At present, we have AQUAGEN, Triple Probio and Dr.Q.


TCI GENE provides consumers with a complete solution for precision medicine, including preventive testing, disease treatment and postoperative care. Through precise genetic testing, we can gain a deeper understanding of the individual's constitution and combine it with precision medicine such as cell therapy, tissue engineering and human organs to create a long-lasting and healthy future.


Founded in 1998, MBI specializes in the research and development of natural biomaterials such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and bioceramics, and was acquired by TCI in 2021. Currently, 21 implantable medical devices and a number of ODM products are available in Taiwan, China, the United States, the European Union, Korea, Southeast Asia, Russia, and Ukraine.

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Quantum Biology Inc.

We are committed to developing unique Integrated Bioscience Design materials. We explore natural resources around the world to find high-value materials and use automated bio-mining to explore the possibilities of various applications. After tens of thousands of scientific tests, and then clinically verified by humans, we have created high performance IBD materials.


With "We together, live happier" as the original intention, Pet Food has become the largest pet health food ODM in Taiwan, using human health food specifications to produce pet food.

We have many factory certifications and patents to create pet health food and snacks with functional ingredients and patented probiotics. We hope that owners can share food and health care products with their pets without any worries and live a happy and healthy life together.

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