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In order to join and delight consumer’s life and comply with local regulations for exporting around the world, TCI has established a series of superior grade factories that exceed industry standards, so that innovative ideas can be turned into actual safely, efficiently and to the highest standards. S represents Safety, Standard, and Speed to create Superior production efficiency. The production process is controlled with the world’s largest ERP( (Enterprise Resource Planning)system, information synced with cloud-based sharing, automatically creating traceable records and a unique production history to increase customer’s trust and increase value of our products. TCI very much values green development and is committed to creating a green supply chain. TCI implemented the energy-saving methods of the US green building certification, and joined RE100, the largest international renewable energy initiative organization (organization members include: Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.), and EP100. TCI is fully committed to using renewable energy by 2030. Accredited by the Science Based Targets initiative and ISO50001 energy management certification, TCI is an exceptional world leading company.
S5 Functional Drink Factory
S11 Eco Facial Mask Factory
S12 Automated Warehouse Factory
S9 Functional Food Factory
S8 Functional Drink/Food Factory
S16 Taiwan Functional Drink Factory

S5 Taiwan Functional Drink Factory

Established in 2011, S5 Panshi functional drink factory is our first large-scale factory. From mixing of raw ingredients to bottling, labeling, boxing, and packaging, the entire production line is automatic and continuous.


Production Dosage Form

  • Functional drink
  • Jelly
  • Liquid sachet

Monthly Production Capacity

  • Functional drink - 24 million bottles (with Double NUTRI Technology)
  • Double NUTRI liquid pouch TDN - 20 million pouches

Special Certifications

  • BRC British Retail Consortium
  • HALAL Certification

The small capacity and convenient liquid sachet is popular

The brand new Double Nutri liquid sachet production line is 50 times the production speed of traditional machinery. The production line can produce 5mL to 25mL products and can be filled with liquid and granular fillings, coating oil-soluble, water-soluble, and water-insoluble nutrients to achieve the highest bioavailability.

The six-row filling machine splits the aluminum roll into 6 rows, makes the sachet, fills, seals, and then cuts the aluminum roll for filling and production. The sealing can be designed as a small opening, a slanted opening, or a flat opening.

SQF Quality Guarantee is a stepping stone for exporting products to the world

SQF (Safe Quality Food) is globally recognized. Any food produced in the S5 factory can be marked with the SQF certification on the packaging. Only the highest standard SQF Level 3 logo can be used in advertising or on the product packaging. The scope of SQF verification is from farm to table, including “source management, production, processing, preparation, and manufacturing.” In addition to focusing on “food safety,” it is also a product “quality certification” that is different from the past.


Manufactured by TCI, anywhere can be a sales market

The factory has passed the Taiwan GMP, ISO22000, EU FSSC22000, HACCP, ISO50001 (energy control management), Britain’s Sedex ethics certification, BRC Retailers Association and the rare US NSF GMP. We can assist customers in FDA registration, Chinese food market permit, Indonesian BPOM application registration, HALAL certification application, including MUI, JAKIM, THIDA, etc. Allowing customers to focus more on marketing without worrying about the rapid market expansion and sales in new areas.

Particles smaller than PM 2.5 cannot be allowed

The 50mL functional drink production line utilizes automatic loading and unloading of bottles to reduce personnel contact. The controlled area is a class 100,000 clean-room machine shop and the inside of the filling machine itself is a highly efficient class 100. After the bottles enter the machine, the bottles are turned upside down and flushed with high-pressure pure water. Then, the bottles are emptied and filled with the contents. The automatic cap feeding machine turns the bottle cap upright and sends it to the cap feeding track to seal the bottles.

AI Screening, not allowing any possibility for error

In combination with the high speed automatic production equipment, TCI invested tens of millions of dollars to develop the eagle eye monitoring system. The installed high speed CCD (Charge-coupled Device) can perform production safety inspections that are invisible to the naked eye. For example, abnormal bottle caps, thread deformation, cracked bottle caps, ultrasonic liquid level inspection, impurities, bits of glass, etc. Unqualified products are automatically rejected, and the system can detect 16.7 bottles per second, 24 hours a day, with a detection rate of 99.9%.


S11 Taiwan Eco Facial Mask Factory

Established in 2017, the S11 Eco facial mask factory is not only an S-grade factory, it is the world’s first environmentally friendly facial mask factory. Powered by solar energy. with zero carbon footprint emissions, the factory has obtained the green building certification and the US LEED certification. TCI is the only company in Asia that has obtained the ECOCERT COSMOS organic cosmetics certification. 


Production Dosage Form

  • Mask
  • Bottled skincare
  • Tube skincare

Monthly Production Capacity

  • Facial/Eye mask - 20 million sheets
  • Bottled skincare -  250,000 bottles
  • Tube skincare - 550,000 tubes

Special Certifications

  • LEED Certification from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • EU ISO22716
  • ISO Certification
螢幕快照 2017-12-11 下午7.39.06

Automatic facial mask production line

From stacking to printing, the facial mask production line operates with automatic machine operation. The condition of the cloth roll is automatically inspected, the screening system ensures that each facial mask has reached the specified weight.

RO Reverse Osmosis

Ultrapure water that has undergone multiple processes is the main material for our production of facial masks. 

Soft-water system - active carbon filter - reverse osmosis twice - electrolyte deionization system (EDI) - UV light sterilizer (UV)
*Wate standard for hemodialysis



S12 Taiwan Automated Warehouse Factory & Digital printing

Established in 2019, the S12 automated warehouse factory implemented the energy-saving methods of LEED, the US Green Building Council Certification, to make the overall building, energy assessment, and construction more environmentally and ecologically friendly. The S12 factory assembles high-speed automation equipment, smart warehousing, the Schubert automatic packaging machine, and the digital printing factory. 


Smart Warehouse Factory

S12 is a comprehensive logistics centre with 8,238 storage spaces for global delivery and is connected to 3 factories. Implemented into S12 is an automated storage and retrieval system and is equipped with automated guided vehicles and sorting transfer vehicles. The building is designed to withstand level 5 earthquakes and is equipped with temperature and humidity control. The high-speed automatic crane can reach up to a maximum of 200 meters per minute and can quickly deliver and retrieve materials. Connecting the automation from the production line from delivering materials to packaging, operation time and manpower can be reduced by 30%. 

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Schubert Automatic Packaging Machine

Using the world-renowned packaging machine manufacturer, Schubert, the automatic packaging machine can package using various packaging methods. The automatic packaging machine is connected to the drink line and handles the packaging of 750ml and 50ml bottles. For the 750ml large bottle type, the machine can package 100 bottles per minute. For the 50ml bottle type, the machine can package 400 bottles per minute for 8/10/12 bottles per package. The entire machine is an intelligent modular design, which allows for quickly switching of molds for different packaging box types.

STV Sorting Transfer Vehicle

The maximum speed of the sorting transfer vehicle can reach up to 160 meters per minute, speeding up the transportation of raw materials between factories.

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AGV Trackless Automated Guided Vehicles

After the MES production management system issues the order, materials are retrieved from the automatic warehouse, then automatically transported to designated areas with the AGV.  With the AGV, transportation in the warehouse is automatic, which maintains a clean factory environment. 

Digital Printing

Packaging materials for drinks, powder sachets, liquid pouches, facial masks, etc., produced by TCI can be printed through the IOP integrated solution. The IOP integrated solution connects packaging to the internet, utilizing “changeable packaging design” to increase product competitiveness, and combines “one product, one QR code” to track the product.


S9 Taiwan Functional Food Factory

Established in 2015, the S9 Panshi functional food factory mainly produces solid form dietary supplements including sachet, capsule, tablet, etc. Combined with automatic packaging equipment and automatic transportation system, the process greatly shortens the delivery time. 


Production Dosage Form

  • Includes capsule
  • Tablet
  • Powder sachet

Monthly Production Capacity

  • Functional powder sachet - 47 million sachets
  • 3-side seal sachet - 11.6 million sachet
  • Tablet - 88 million pieces

Special Certifications

  • BRC British Retail Consortium
  • HALAL Certification
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Automatic Pack and Stack Robotic Arm

The advanced spider robotic arm combined with visual recognition, the machine can align and grab incoming materials and automatically place them on the conveyor belt. The system automatically calculates the quantity which greatly improves the accuracy, allowing the production line to grab 200 products per minute and package 40 boxes per minute. 

Automatic packaging robotic arm

Using the robotic arm of the internationally famous brand, ABB, and combined with the packing and stacking system, the machine can pack and stack 13 different types of boxes. Along with the visual recognition system, the production line has automated the packaging process to save manpower.


S8 Shanghai Functional Drink/Food Factory

The S8 functional drink factory is equipped with high-speed production and automation. Each production line can be started with only 8 people. In addition, there is a high-speed solid supplement production line, which has become an important base for TCI to produce functional drinks and supplements in China.


Production dosage form

  • Functional drink
  • Functional powder
  • Functional sachet
  • Functional tablet

Monthly production capacity

  • Functional drink - 30 million bottles (with Double NUTRI Technology)
  • Functional powder sachet - 12 million sachets
  • Tablet - 110 million tablets/ SDN liquid sachet & jelly - 8 million sachet


S16 Utah Park

Covering an area of 50,000 square meters, the S16 factory has built a high-speed automated production line to supply more diverse products to American customers. The S16 factory integrates and connects the research and development services in China, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States to provide global customers with a zero time difference service and help customers expand their global footprint.


Production dosage form

  • Functional drink

Monthly production capacity

  • Functional drink 50ml, 60ml - 10 million bottles
  • Functional drink 750ml - 1.92 million bottles


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