Social Engagement

For the community, TCI commits to developing and creating more products to improve consumers' lives by leveraging its advanced technology and providing learning donations and support to disadvantaged groups in society. In addition, TCI hopes to connect internal colleagues to the whole society through various localized public welfare activities and participation so that more people will pay attention and participate in social welfare.

Academic Community: Educational Cooperation

The 2020 Biotech Innovation BioCup Product Proposal Competition

The TCI Youth Cultivation Project cultivates the next generation of outstanding youth, from elementary school to universities, through organizing and co-organizing activities and camps. The Biotech Innovation BioCup Product Proposal Competition is jointly organized by TCI Academy and NTU BioEntrepreneurship Student Association. With in-person lectures by senior supervisors, they are bringing a wealth of practical courses and leading the students to discover the actual operation process of the factory. In addition, elites from the same school can cooperate and discuss proposals to compete for the prize. The total award of the competition is $60,000 NTD to encourage students to learn by doing and gain practical experience and ability in the biotech industry.

Collaboration with Academia - Industry-Academia Cooperation

The only non-government organization in Taiwan selected as one of the top ten popular science foundations in Taiwan

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day in 2020, the Ministry of Education invited all five major science museums in Taiwan to plan the first “Taiwan Science Festival” and invited public and private institutions with scientific research capacity and science education connotation to be the “Top 10 Popular Sciences Foundation.” As the only private business organization selected, TCI held 1,000 factory receptions. 

Continuing the promotion of popular science education, in 2021, TCI collaborated with the National Museum of Natural Science to organize the special exhibition "From Sea to Land." The exhibition features vertebrates, introducing the evolution of animals from swimming in the sea, and walking on land to soaring in the sky. The Science Museum's science exhibitions are the starting point for inspiring scientific research. TCI has become a global leader in biotechnology thanks to the strong commitment of scientific talents in research and development. Through cooperation with the National Museum of Natural Science, TCI held a special exhibition at the Pingtung Rock Park for Pingtung students to have popular science resources, hoping to inspire young students to learn science and nurture future biological talents in Taiwan. 

Collaboration between TCI and the National Museum of Science to Promote Science Education: From Ocean to Land Fossil Exhibition

In continuation of its efforts in promoting scientific education, in 2021, TCI partnered with the National Museum of Science to organize the exhibition "From Ocean to Land Fossil Exhibition." The exhibition focuses on vertebrate animals and introduces the evolutionary process of animals transitioning from thriving in the oceans, strolling on land, to soaring in the skies.

Through collaboration with the Science Museum, Da Jiang Biomedical specially set up a dedicated exhibit at the Panshi Plant in Pingtung, allowing local students to have access to educational resources in science. The aim is to inspire young learners' interest in science and nurture future biological talents in Taiwan. The “From Ocean to Land Fossil Exhibition” had a total of 1,673 visitors on-site. Meanwhile, the online educational video recorded for the event has been viewed 3,660 times. After the exhibition was concluded in 2023, TCI still intends to continue collaborating with the National Museum of Science to show Pingtung students more facets of the biological world.

Green Sea Turtle Ecological Survey

TCI as one of the biotech leading companies in Taiwan, we hope to lay our impact on the marine biology through our technology and funding. Among the measures to mitigate the impact of marine ecology, TCI successfully developed how to use post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) from marine waste as a material for the soft pouches of masks. To continue focusing on marine ecological issues, TCI funded the National Taiwan Ocean University's Green Sea Turtle Conservation Research Program in Orchid Island in 2022 through a grant. The purpose of this program is to understand the ecology and habitat of the green sea turtle population, to increase the hatching rate of eggs, and to mitigate the endangered species.

TCI Devotes to Marine Conservation: Releasing Sea Turtles to the Wild with National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

TCI started a collaborative project with the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium (NMMBA) focusing on marine protection. By releasing sea turtles to the wild at the seashore of Houbi Lake on October 19th with the assistance of professional coast guards and employees of NMMBA, we dedicate ourselves to protecting marine ecology and educating our children about marine knowledge and marine conservation.

Sea turtles are facing many threats during their growth. Besides predators and being captured by improper fishing techniques, ocean pollution is another lethal threat for sea turtles. Pollution leads to chronic diseases on sea turtles, and the remaining fishing lines and plastic garbage may cause them to be died or handicapped owing to the trapped and wound on flippers or necks. Based on the research, only 1% sea turtle cubs survive and grow up successfully. In Taiwan, each person produces 2.1 kg of garbage every single day. Taiwanese people use 18 billion plastic bags every year – that is a fatal killer who murders ocean creatures by “plastics”. There is a fact you may not know: About 200 dissections of sea turtles found stranded ashore showed that more than half had consumed plastic and other waste produced by humans in Taiwan. One plastic bag may cause the death to an endangered species.

Vincent Lin, the President of TCI, hopes to promote right concepts and knowledge to raise people’s awareness of marine conservation for sustainable development of marine ecology. The instructors taught the turtle rescue class and guided the participants to visit the Marine Laboratory and the Specimen Room in NMMBA. “In the beautiful afternoon, after taking good care by the employees of NMMBA, the rehabilitated sea turtles surrounded by people’s encouragement are crawling to the embrace of the sea for reunion.”

Established the Biodiversity Park, Creating Prosperity Through Restoration

In 2021, TCI cooperated with the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology to create Taiwan’s first industry-academia collaborative “Biodiversity Park.” The Park occupies 2.5 hectares of land. Soil preparation and irrigation system has been completed in the park. National Pingtung University of Science and Technology faculty and students completed the 1-year ecological survey, a total of 72 families with 214 species of plants were recorded, and 46.26% of them are native to Taiwan. As for animals, a total of 203 species were documented, including 7 species that are unique to Taiwan and another 8 subspecies that are specific to Taiwan.

The “Biodiversity Park” is planned for the rehabilitation of Taiwan’s native plants, cultivation and production of functional biomedical crops, and low-carbon farming trials. The Park expects to cultivate various Taiwan native plants, such as Pothia, rose, Hibiscus sabdariffa, okra, Bignose Rhinacanthus,Chiapao melon, daylily, white wax apple, and others, to protect the biodiversity of local organisms. Then, through TCI's specialty, "Bio-Resource Data Mining Platform," to identify the healthcare and economic value of native plants. With the "IBD Raw Material Plant Production and Cultivation Talent Training Program," industry-academia cooperation provide students with an internship in the cultivation and production of functional biomedical crops in "Biodiversity Park."

The first soil carbon sink survey has been conducted in the Park and tested environmentally friendly farming methods with greater carbon sequestration benefits. After developing a complete methodology and experience, TCI will guide the farmers to switch to environmentally friendly farming methods and create a 1,000-hectare "Sunrises Farm" in Taiwan, planting cash crops such as Djulis and buckwheat. It is expected to increase crop yields, bring significant economic benefits to farmers, increase natural carbon sinks, and increase carbon reduction benefits. Ultimately realize "creating prosperity through restoration" ecological prosperity, industrial prosperity, and future prosperity.

Established the Biodiversity Park, Creating Prosperity Through Restoration

TCI works with the World Vegetable Center on the Seeding Conservation Project, which is to conserve Taiwan's endemic plants, securing their position in international preservation and breeding research. This project also aims to deepen our understanding of the growth mechanisms of endemic plants in Taiwan, providing valuable reference information for cultivating other species.

Society Engagement

Supporting Pingtung’s pole vaulter with TCI’s biotechnology

Since 2022, the "Yong-Ai Pure Nurturing Decade Seed Project" by the Yong Chang Education Foundation has joined hands with the TCI Corporation to provide long-term support for the pole-vaulting talents Cheng Chi HUANG and Chih Cheng LIN from Pingtung County. This support includes nutritional supplementation, training subsidies, expenses for international competitions, and professional pole-vaulting equipment.

Jheng-Chi Huang, broke the national record with a 5.35m vault and won the gold medal in the 2022 New Taipei City Cup National Track and Field Open. And worth mentioning, Huang also is qualified for the 2028 Olympic Games in LA, USA. Meanwhile, Jhih-Cheng Lin won second-place at the 2022 Annual Competition and the Championship Title in the 2023 New Taipei City National Youth Cup Track and Field Open. Currently one of the athletes has got the permit to participate in the Asian Game and Olympics 2024. TCI Corporation stated that sports performance requires enhanced muscular strength. Their exclusive formula, the TCI LIVING Super X Protein Drink, contains 36g of premium whey protein isolate per bottle, the highest content available in the market. Athletes can consume one bottle a day, which not only helps increase muscle strength but also rapidly aids in muscle fatigue recovery. This product has has gained significant popularity in American-style markets.

Donation to the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation

Since 2016, TCI has worked with the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation every year to take practical action to protect orphans. At the end of each year, colleagues generously join the donation drive for scholarships, academic and academic advancement counseling, talent training, career exploration, employment, and entrepreneurship. After the individual donations, TCI doubled the total contributions in the company's name and worked with the staff to protect orphans. In 2021, TCI turned this internal donation campaign to the public and joined hands with the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation to release a Mother's Day video, "The Companion," and launch a campaign in which "for every like on the Facebook post, TCI will donate $100." This event reminds the public to care for orphans through the power of the community. In addition to public communication, TCI also announced this message to its stakeholders (including customers) and invited them to interact with each other on social media to raise the voice of social welfare. The total amount of donation in 2021 amounted to NT$1.5 million.

Green Electricity Public Welfare Simultaneous Realization of Social Care and Green Energy

In 2019, TCI cooperated with Sunnyfounder, which was in charge of cooperating with non-profit organizations by installing solar panels on the rooftops of their buildings suitable for the installation of solar power systems, especially the long-term care centers, mental and physical education institutions, etc., and applying for renewable energy certification (T-REC) with the generated green power. Enterprises purchased the T-REC and the revenue was given back to the organizations. TCI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding as a cooperation project with Sunnyfounder. In 2019, TCI purchased the T-REC issued under this cooperation project while achieving the goal of corporate social care and green energy use. The cumulative power generated to date is 27,200 degrees.

Education Engagement

Lecture of Maritime Ecology

TCI and TurtleSpot Taiwan jointly held events in junior high and elementary schools in Taipei City and Pingtung County, with a total of 1,086 students participating. This lecture allowed students to understand the current endangered situation of sea turtles through sea turtle education. It helps them begin to understand how daily life affects ecosystems around the world, nurturing a concept of sustainable marine ecology from a young age. During the course, students learned about the unique scale arrangements of various sea turtles, similar to the "facial patterns" of turtles, and understood the differences among different turtle species, leading them into the rich realm of marine ecology. Given Taiwan's geographical environment, there are more opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of sea turtles. Therefore, by organizing the " Lecture of Maritime Ecology," students are introduced to marine issues through the topic of sea turtles, allowing them to delve into the core issues of ocean conservation as they follow the swimming paths of the turtles.

ShenNong Project - Transfer of Knowledge of Land

TCI collaborated with the Lovely Taiwan Foundation and Turtle Spot Taiwan to implement the ShenNong Project and deliver marine ecology education seminars to pass on knowledge of marine and land ecology, local agricultural culture, ecological sustainability, and civic science to young students, and to pass on the concepts of environmentally friendliness and eco-sustainability through the content of the education so that children can implement sustainable living from an early age. The ShenNong Project that TCI participated in was hosted in Pingtung's Silin Elementary School and Chau Nan Primary School, with 155 and 72 students participating in each project respectively. The project allows students to experience organic farming, gives them a better understanding of the local agricultural culture, and encourages them to learn about the impact of humans and the ecosystem through on-site observation while promoting the elementary school's unique food and agriculture curriculum. Furthermore, after TCI introduced the Shen Nong Project to Silin Elementary School, its student enrollment increased by 68% over the past six years.

Corner Bookshelf Helps Pingtung Students, Spreading the Seeds of Sustainability

A book can bring knowledge, new perspectives, hope, and opportunities. In 2016, TCI initiated the "Corner Bookshelf" project, starting in Pingtung's rural elementary schools, setting up bookshelves with books in schools to create a reading atmosphere, hoping to enable Pingtung's local rural children to break through geographical limitations and harbor a broader vision. In addition, to create a comprehensive carbon reduction network, TCI Academy promotes carbon reduction on campus by placing energy-saving and carbon-reducing books or picture books on the corner bookshelves so that the spirit of sustainability is deeply rooted in daily reading. By the end of 2022, TCI established corner bookshelves in 235 elementary schools in Pingtung County and sponsored new books for students to borrow each month, creating regular reading opportunities for nearly 5,6630 students. After completing the first phase of the corner bookshelf in rural elementary schools, the scope will gradually expand to other non-rural areas in Pingtung County and schools of all levels above the elementary school level, which expects to create reading opportunities for about 30,000 students.

TCI Empowers Dreams through Dream Discovery Camp, Engaging Over 100 Rural Students in Diverse Exploratory Courses

In collaboration with the Yong Chiang Foundation and affiliated enterprises, TCI, under the guidance of the Pingtung County Government, has successfully hosted the "Dream Discovery Camp - DREAM DISCOVERY" summer camp for two consecutive sessions at the Pingtung Daxin Qingyin Inclusive Innovation Base. The camp spanned two days and one night, welcoming participants including sixth-grade graduates and junior high school students. Through a range of diverse exploratory courses, the camp aimed to help students identify their strengths and interests. In its second edition, the camp's participant count surpassed a hundred, with hopes of attracting even more students in the future to join hands and pursue their dreams. By the end of 2022, there’re total of 692 students participated.

In addition to exposure to various corporate insights and professional sharing sessions, the camp also featured artisanal teachings, allowing students to experience the spirit of skilled professionals such as baristas, mixologists, and beauty stylists. The career exploration activities aimed to provide a platform for multifaceted learning experiences and offer information about future planning, enabling students to uncover their passions and make informed choices.

Purchasing Pineapples from Shan-Dao Academy, Flipping Rural Disadvantages

Located in Gao-Shu Township, Pingtung County, Shan-Dao Academy's mission is "to integrate social reform into educational practice so that human civilization can develop sustainably and become more virtuous." Through education, skills training, community building, and the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, the school provides guidance for disadvantaged children and parents to pursue education and employment on their land and hopes to spread the school's philosophy to other rural areas, helping more children to grow up happily and in addition, assisting more disadvantaged families to turn their fortunes around.

Impressed with the philosophy and commitment of Shan-Dao Academy, TCI has continued to work with the Academy since 2018 to purchase organic pineapples planted by children instead of donations. In addition to the children learning life skills with their own hands, the proceeds from buying pineapples fund counseling for children to achieve their dreams to reverse education and economic restraints. TCI plans to collaborate long-term with Shan-Dao Academy to create various values such as education for children, caring for disadvantaged families, and community building.



TCI combines the research and development resources of the 14 main laboratories with the unique “Bioresource Data Mining” and “Integrated Bioscience Design” to create high-efficiency products for customers in 63 countries worldwide. Based on corporate social responsibility and to implement 8 major themes, TCI has established a dedicated unit under the President’s office: CSR Sustainability Promotion Committee, with Vincent Lin serving as the convener and chairman, and Chief Sustainability Officer Mandy Huang serving as the chief secretary, the committee includes: Sustainable Manufacture, Sustainable Product, Stakeholders, Risk Management, Value Chain Management, Corporate Governance, Information Security, and Social Care. The CSR Sustainability Promotion Committee consists of 15 members including accounting, legal affairs, sales, strategic intelligence, supplier, research and development, administration, corporate governance, human resources, etc. who will collectively consolidate the CSR policies and report to the Board of Directors at least once every year.

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