TCI Co., Ltd innovative technology. Protect active components and allows them to rapidly penetrate stratum corneum into deeper skin layer for absolute absorption and genuine beauty.

LipoMask™ has dual liposomes to protect the active ingredients and allow them to go through the cuticle quickly. The experimental results have shown that nano-liposome absorption technology can facilitate serum absorption into the skin within 5 minutes! Besides, according to the clinical experiment, the average moisture of lipoMask™ is 18% higher than that of the control group. Water content is still 26% higher than after 8 hours, which provides excellent moisture retention. Real absorption is the initiative to penetrate natural beauty!

Why Use Liposomes in Skin Care?

Are Fast-Absorbing Products More Effective?

Liposomes are small vesicles used to deliver active ingredients in skin care products. These lipid-based systems easily absorb into the stratum corneum, the Latin term for the outermost layer of the skin. This allows ingredients, such as antioxidants, vitamins, and moisturizers, to be applied in a more targeted manner.

As a private label skincare company, TCI Group utilizes innovative technologies to create products that can be customized to our client's specifications. We offer a variety of skincare products, such as cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers. The client chooses the product's ingredient list, branding, packaging and shipping, allowing them to create a unique skincare line without investing time in the costly research and development process.

Lightweight and easily absorbed ingredients have quickly replaced the heavy or greasy residue left behind by former products on the market. Natural ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and jojoba oil, improve hydration by drawing moisture into the skin. Other ingredients strengthen the skin's natural protective barrier and retain moisture.

Liposomes help protect these active ingredients from degradation and oxidation, allowing for better efficacy and longer shelf life. Liposomes can also help improve skin care products' overall texture and feel, allowing the skin's genuine beauty to shine.

LipoMask Market Research

Our private label face mask showcases the latest technology in skincare. TCI Group manufacturers have worked for years to develop this cutting-edge product, and it has been well-received in over 63 countries worldwide. Research and development for the LipoMask have involved intense analysis of the natural ingredients’ properties included in skin care products.

We have delivered lasting hydration and nourishment by using lightweight, easily absorbed ingredients with low molecular weights. Our intense hydrating mask utilizes nano-liposome absorption technology to enhance the penetration of the serum. The results have shown the serum’s lightning-fast absorption into the skin in less than 5 minutes.

Using liposomes in skin care products has led to more effective and efficient delivery of active ingredients, resulting in healthier, more radiant-looking skin and creating natural beauty.


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