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Talent Employment

To protect employees' basic human rights, the Company complies with relevant labor laws and regulations and follows international human rights conventions to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees and respects the internationally recognized basic labor human rights principles, including the goals outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," "ILO Convention," "The UN Global Compact," the prohibition of any form of discrimination, the prohibition of forced labor and child labor, the prohibition of impeding the freedom of association of employees, and other principles revealed in international human rights conventions. The Company strictly prohibits the use of child labor and eliminates discrimination against women, and protects the salaries, freedom of association, and benefits of employees, while eliminating discrimination, forced labor, child labor, and other violations of human or labor rights, creating a friendly work environment, and ensuring the rights of people with physical and mental disabilities.In 2022, the employment quota of people with physical and mental disabilities was 4, accounting for 0.47%.

TCI's core corporate spirit includes "value diversity and inclusion," with the ultimate goal of pursuing international development and servicing global consumers. In 2021, TCI employed 17 employees of different nationalities to create different perspectives for the Company's operations and to deepen business development.

By the end of 2021, TCI consisted of 602 employees, with 352 male employees accounting for 58.5% and 250 female employees accounting for 41.5%, an overall balanced ratio of men to women. Among the management level, 39.7% are male employees, and 60.3% are female employees, indicating that employee promotion and development appraisal is not limited by gender.

Talent is the most important asset of an enterprise. TCI commits to abide by international regulations related to social responsibility, labor laws and regulations, gender equality laws and other national laws and regulations, and uphold the principles of “respect for human rights,” “equal employment,” and “employing the right person for the right job. We will not discriminate against employees on the basis of gender, age, race, nationality, religion, marital status or political affiliation, and we will strive to build an operating environment that is honest, healthy, safe and internationally competitive. To implement human rights in the workplace, TCI promotes human rights concepts and policies in all training courses and teaching materials for new employees. In addition, the Company strengthens the promotion of sexual harassment prevention and diverse and smooth communication channels between employees and employers to ensure a quality and safe working environment for employees.

Implement gender equality appointment

Male to female function ratio

Female  employee function ratio

Opinion collection

TCI dedicated itself to leverage all employees’ opinion, and provide different pathway for employees to submit the opinion in their different phase of the career. We increased the scheduled pathway, and open the timely platform to collect opinion, as below:

  1. New employees’welcome luncheon in the 1st The Head of Human Resources will collect the new comers’ opinion.
  2. TCI provide a 6-month mentor program to assist new employees on the overall on boarding resources and consultancy. The mentor will have gatherings once per month with the mentee.
  3. The representative of each Department will collect the topic to be negotiated and bring to discussions in the regular meeting of the Rewards and Disciplinary 
  4. The Chairman delivers speech and discussions with all the employees once per month, who encourage our employees to provide suggestions to the Company.
  5. The “TCI Service”hotline provides instant support to all of our employees, including responding the opinions from the employees.

In 2021, through labor-management meetings, proposal meetings, internal communication channels, and the “TCI Service,” the Company received 322 proposals and opinions from employees, including thousands of proposals for operational innovation. All of which were engaged through an unobstructed channel.

2021 Stakeholder communication situation was reported to the Board of Directors on December 29, 2021

Benefits and Living wage

A living wage is the amount of salary a worker receives for a standard workweek that is sufficient to provide a decent standard of living for them and their family. Promoting a living wage provides employees and their families with a reasonable return and standard of living, improves the problem of the working poor, narrows the gap between the rich and the poor, and creates a fairer society in the long runTCI's salary analysis is based on the living wage of each region to ensure that employee's salaries meet living standards to provide reasonable compensation to employees, attract and retain outstanding talents, and maintain the long-term stable development of the Company while taking into account shareholders' rights and interests and employees' living standards, TCI regularly adjusts salary levels according to the price level, market supply and demand, salary standards and local legal requirements, such as annual salary adjustments and a comprehensive promotion system. In addition, the Company has promulgated various incentive systems to encourage regular employees and units with excellent performance, including performance evaluation bonuses, annual performance bonuses, special contribution bonuses, proposal bonuses, patent bonuses, employee bonuses, restricted stock, and other employee stock option incentive plans, as well as annual awards for long-tenured employees, excellent teams and outstanding employees to provide employees with corresponding rewards. Based on the minimum living expenses announced by the government in various cities and counties in Taiwan in 2023, the highest minimum living wage in the Taiwan is Taipei City, with a monthly minimum living expense of NT$19,013. As of May 2023, the salary level of all full-time and part-time employees of our in Taiwan has been higher than the minimum living expense in Taipei City.

The announcement of the minimum living expense of Taiwan.

The average salary increase in 2021 was 6.1%, including 6.3% for non-managerial employees; the total annual employee benefit expense was NT$725,480 (NT$ thousand); the average benefit expense for all employees was NT$1,170 (NT$ thousand), and the average salary expense for all employees was NT$1,003 (NT$ thousand).

Employee Benefits

TCI recognizes that it is the company's responsibility to take care of employees' health and has introduced many health promotion-related welfare measures to protect employees' physical and mental health. In addition to regular annual health checkups, including general health checkups, special health checkups, and fund testing offers, the Company supplies a health food self-help area called "Energy Replenishment Station" in the office area with free TCI-produced functional drinks, food, skincare products, and nutritional blends to meet employees' different daily nutritional needs. In addition to physical health, we also pay attention to the balanced psychological development of our employees by organizing concerts, planning libraries, and conducting courses or activities such as diving certification, basketball, golf, yoga classes, etc. The welfare committee provides funding to encourage employees to initiate club activities freely.

Specific Implementation

  1. Labor Insurance: Per the Labor Insurance Act
  1. National health insurance: Per the National Health Insurance Act.
  1. Employee bonus: If there is any surplus in the annual accounts after paying taxes and making up for losses in previous years, the percentage of employee bonus for the current year will be determined and approved by the Board of Directors and submitted to the shareholders’ meeting for recognition.
  1. Employee stock options: To attract talented people to join and retain employees with development potential and jointly create benefits for the Company and its shareholders, employee stock options are issued per the “Regulations for Issuance and Stock Purchase of Employee Stock Options” after approval by the Board of Directors.
  1. i8436 virtual stock: 8436 is the stock code of TCI in Taiwan. TCI has set up i8436 virtual stock as a bonus or employee reward mechanism
  1. Annual Festival Allowance: A fixed allowance is paid to each employee for the Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Chinese New Year, and the amount of allowance is adjusted according to the Company’s operation.
  1. Information equipment subsidy: According to the rank, the Company subsidizes employees to purchase computers, tablets, cell phones, and other information equipment.
  1. Others:
  1. TCI Dream Come True Plan: For those who meet the Company's qualifications, TCI offers interest-free loans to help employees realize their unattainable dreams.
  1. TCI Coin and Employee Purchase: The TCI Coin is TCI’s virtual currency. The value of the coin is 1:1 with the Taiwan dollar, and the value based on the personnel’s rank and performance is automatically added each month. The TCI coin can be used for employee purchases and participation in activities held by the Administration Service Center, such as Michelin gourmet feasts, VIP movie exclusive events, cruises......, etc.
  1. Group Insurance and Occupational Injury Insurance: Group life insurance, accidental injury insurance, injury medical, hospitalization medical insurance, cancer medical insurance, and occupational injury insurance are taken out to provide complete protection for employees and families.
  1. TCI Star: Every quarter, the Company selects the TCI Star, who is given a fixed amount of money, an honorary certificate, and an honorary trophy, and selects the TCI GE8 (Global Excellent 8) every year, who receives a full subsidy for further study abroad or enjoy a prestigious overseas trip.
  1. Clubs: Employees are encouraged to form clubs of interest, and the Welfare Committee provides subsidies for employees to form various clubs. Professional service groups are also set up, and colleagues with professional backgrounds in nutrition and clinical pharmacology provide free consultation services to social welfare groups.
  1. Subsidy for further education: A subsidy system for further education is in place to encourage employees to submit their requests for elective courses to continue learning and solve problems with the tuition fee fully subsidized upon application.
  1. “Full Blood Energy Supplement Station”:  A health food self-help area with free TCI-produced functional drinks, food, skincare products, and nutritional blends to meet employees' different daily nutritional needs.
  1. Vitality Juice Bar: The General Affairs Department picks fresh fruits and vegetables every week and prepares fresh juice for employees to drink.
  1. TCI Vitality Bar: To show appreciation for our employees’ busy schedules, the Company provides complimentary nutritional cocktails, snacks, and instant noodles for employees to enjoy.
  1. Stress relief station: To fulfill our corporate social responsibility, TCI also takes care of visually impaired friends and employees by providing them with a spiritual tonic to wash away the fatigue of the day while they are busy at work.
  1. Aerobics classes: To show appreciation for our employees’ busy schedules, TCI regularly appoints professional instructors to conduct aerobics classes in the Company.

Retirement system and implementation

TCI handles retirement-related matters in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act. Only a very small number of permanent employees are covered by the old system, while most employees are covered by the new Labor Pension Act. The company reports monthly contributions of 6% of each employee's monthly salary to the employee's personal pension account to comply with the statutory retirement protection.
1. Pensions are issued in accordance with Article 84-2 and Article 55 of the Labor Standards Act and based on the number of years in service as stipulated in the Labor Standards Act.
2. According to the Labor Pension Act, employees who meet the pension standards stipulated in the Labor Standards Act and who gained seniority prior to the passage of the Labor Pension Act may opt for their pension status to be governed in accordance with the previous act.
3. Workers who meet the pension standards stipulated in the Labor Standards Act, who meet the standards for forced retirement stipulated in Item 1, Paragraph 2, Article 35 of the Labor Standards Act, and who suffer from mental or physical impairments shall receive an additional 20% of their eligible pension.
4. TCI shall contribute 6% of the salary of employees who meet the pension regulations stipulated in the Labor Pension Act to a personal pension account.

Employee Safety

The TCI Environmental Protection and Labor Safety and Health Committee is the highest authority in the management of employees’ health and safety. The director of the Administration and Service Center serves as the convener and chairman of the committee. Members of the Environmental Protection and Labor Safety and Health Committee include the Labor Safety Management Department, Human Resource Department, Administrative Services Department, supervisors and executives, occupational health and safety technicians, and 1/3 of the total number of labor representatives. TCI holds quarterly Environmental Protection and Labor Safety and Health Committee Meetings to formulate, coordinate, and manage matters concerning health and safety in order to ensure environmental protection and the health and safety of its employees.

Specific Measures

Work Safety Measures and Policies at the Neihu Headquarters
1. To ensure office safety, flammable and dangerous items are prohibited in the offices. Smoking is prohibited in indoor workplaces and public spaces in accordance with the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act.
2.Parking spaces and office keys must be returned after use. Access cards and keys may not be lent to non-company employees.
3. Water dispensers that meet drinking water standards are available in the workplace and are periodically cleaned and maintained.
4. Workplace sanitation, cleaning, and maintenance are outsourced to a professional cleaning company to ensure the hygiene and quality of the workplace.
5. Access is restricted. Company employees and visitors must use authorized keycards to gain access to elevators and offices.
6. Headquarters is located in Neihu Technology Park. The building is fitted with a fire prevention system that meets regulations, including a warning system, fire prevention system, and evacuation system.
7. First aid kits are available in the company and employees are provided with annual checkups and health consultations. In addition, health seminars are held to increase health awareness and encourage employees to lead healthy lifestyles and manage their own health. The company also has film appreciation and hiking clubs that periodically host events to encourage its employees to relax and exercise.

Work Safety Measures and Policies at the Precision Manufacturing Center
1. External environmental auditors are commissioned every six months.
2.Fire and first aid drills are conducted every six months and fire prevention inspection reports are prepared in accordance with regulations.
3. An online occupational safety hazards report is completed every month.
4. Employee safety and health and work rules are regularly updated.
5. Employee health and safety education and training are provided at intervals of at least once every six months.
6. Sexual harassment prevention measures are formulated and disclosed publicly.
7. Ongoing health and safety education and training are conducted for contractors.
8. Safety inspections are conducted at the factory from time to time.

Talent Management

Employee Assessment and Career Development Assistance

In principle, TCI evaluates the performance of each worker once a year in an annual performance evaluation. The outcome serves as a reference for issuing rewards and penalties, promotions, and job transfers. Performance evaluations are carried out using a two-way communication mode whereby workers provide a report in writing, discuss items with their supervisors, and receive feedback and suggestions. This process allows supervisors to acknowledge the views, feelings, work attitudes, and potential of their subordinates and thus boost morale. Outcomes also serve as a reference for training and career development planning.

Continued in-service education criteria:

Continued in-service education criteria: To promote lifelong learning and strengthen workers' professional knowledge, skills, and humanitarianism, and consequently improve service quality and performance, TCI provides its employees with on-the-job continued education and training programs. Workers can submit a request in writing to explain the specialization of interest, professional relevance, and benefits for future work performance. Once the request is approved, TCI pays for the program.

In accordance with the succession plan for key senior management, TCI also arranges on-the-job training for its employees in management-related courses.

The senior management succession plan and its implementation were reported to the Board of Directors on December 29, 2021.



TCI combines the research and development resources of the 14 main laboratories with the unique “Bioresource Data Mining” and “Integrated Bioscience Design” to create high-efficiency products for customers in 62 countries around the world. Based on corporate social responsibility and to implement 8 major themes, TCI has established a dedicated unit under the President’s office: CSR Sustainability Promotion Committee. With Vincent Lin serving as the convener and chairman and Chief Sustainability Officer Mandy Huang serving as the chief secretary, the committee includes: Sustainable Manufacture, Sustainable Product, Stakeholders, Risk Management, Value Chain Management, Corporate Governance, Information Security, and Social Care. The CSR Sustainability Promotion Committee consists of 15 members including accounting, legal affairs, sales, strategic intelligence, supplier, research and development, administration, corporate governance, human resources, etc. who will collectively consolidate the CSR policies and report to the Board of Directors at least once every year.
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