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Turnkey product solution

Do you want functional products with stable formulas that can immediately be launched? Based on precise consumer needs and a complete marketing concept, TCI turnkey product solution can fulfill this need. Through professional product design and market analysis such as dosage forms, formulas, regulations, we can create highly competitive products, shorten product development time and help you quickly seize the market. "Helping you make profits" is our core value!

What are the advantages of choosing turnkey products?

Fulfill's consumer's needs
Competitive pricing

Quickly launch products
Reduce development time and cost

Provide scientific data to support the formula
Obtain awards and patents

Formula is in compliance with local regulations and market active ingredients


The international regenerative medical material factory has developed a cross-border development, using the research and development technology of medical-grade collagen to create a 7-day quick-acting collagen tripeptide


Your Beauty Palette maintains internal and external skin tone with skin tone, easy to carry liquid packaging, patented dual-care technology and 0 preservatives added, take care of beauty without worrying

Yummy Tummy Oatmeal

Yummy Tummy Oatmeal is carefully selected from Australia's largest oat supplier (BLM). Oats are rich in fiber and polysaccharides, which can improve satiety and help weight management

Condensed Lutein

Condensed Lutein Drops Unravel the Secret to Lutein's High Potency! Challenge 50X critical density, Japanese patented technology & synergistic formula can filter blue light up to 90%

Adaptogen coffee

Adaptogen Coffee is a healthy coffee for you to relax, specially added HappyBanana®, the first new dietary ingredient (NDI) certified by the US FDA, to start a good day

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