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Effective Formulas Are The Key To Success

TCI's research and development team consists of more than 203 talents with master's and PhD degrees, providing you with science-based support in food, nutrition, and beauty care and boosting the value and trust of your products with professional scientific background! Our scientific laboratories are divided into TCI Biomedicine Research Center and Gene Medical Research Center, which are the solid foundations of TCI's high efficiency and quality.

How does TCI build fast and amazing R&D capabilities?

TCI's proprietary Bio-Resource Data Mining technology combines bioinformatics and information science through automated AI management platforms and cloud-based systems. Each ingredient development process requires an average of over 17,700 trials, and introducing various automated platforms increases the speed of research and development by 70 times.


Genetic mapping and testing technologies for precision healthcare services

The Genetic Medical Application Laboratory (GMA Lab) established a healthy gene database to develop advanced products, such as personalized nutritional supplements and cosmetic and skincare products. The database is fully equipped to analyze DNA, mRNA, and protein. Simultaneously, the GMA Lab also develops reagents to detect various pathogens, combining biological information and R&D capabilities to create the most accurate detection technology.

GMA LAB. Equipment

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Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Machine Maelstrom 4800LH

The GMA Lab uses automated technology to rapidly extract nucleic acids from samples in a short period and extract nucleic acids from a wide range of sample types. This ensures the quality and safety of the product and reduces the risk of manual labor in the laboratory.

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