Security Notice of Cyber Fraud Prevention

In recent years, with the development of global information network, cyber fraud has increasing frequency of occurrence. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests from being infringed, TCI Co., Ltd./BioFunction, Shanghai BioTech Group (hereinafter referred to as "TCI") would like to remind you to pay high attention to the potential risks and beware of unlawful entities using the Internet to commit fraud. We hereby remind you to pay special attention to the following aspects.

I.TCI, as a highly professional R&D and manufacturing enterprise, focuses on business-to-business (B2B) cooperation and we or our employees do not sell products directly to consumers.If you encounter someone making retail sales in the name of TCI or have a similar situation as follows, please do not reply or transact, but retain the relevant information and contact our security department.

    1. Any direct or indirect sale of products to consumers under the name of TCI.
    2. Any direct provision of guidance services such as "beauty" or "weight loss" to consumers on behalf of TCI personnel so as to sell retailing products.
    3. Any fraudulent acts committed against consumers under the guise of our name.

II. We will not ask you to transfer funds to an account you have never dealt with via email, SMS, or instant messenger message. If you receive an email, SMS, or instant messenger message notifying you that we have changed our account information, please do not respond or transact, and do not click on any links contained in the aforementioned email, SMS, or instant messenger message, and please contact us promptly.

III. In addition, we would like to remind you to pay attention to screen the following common situations of cyber fraud:

    1. You are asked to provide confidential information such as identification information, cell phone number, home address, banking information, any account passwords, authentication codes to an unknown address, website or person.
    2. You are asked to use an unknown website instead of TCI's official website (website URL: https://www.tci-bio.com/).
    3. You abruptly receive an email, letter, call or instant messenger message from someone claiming to be one of our employees or contractors requesting an emergency payment or bank account change.
    4. You receive an inquiry directly from one of TCI's senior executives, such as the CEO or CFO.
    5. You receive an unreasonable inquiry.

TCI highly value the rights and interests of our customers and consumers, and we firmly fight against fraudulent use of our name to commit cyber fraud. If you believe you have encountered an unlawful entity impersonating TCI to commit fraud, please fill out the Questionnaire below so that we can better understand the specific situation and address the issue as soon as possible.


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For any further question, please feel free to contact us Email:tci-us@tci-bio.com