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With 40 years of experience in the global health and beauty industry, TCI, a reliable CDMO & private label skincare contract manufacturer, has created countless hot-selling private label products for large-scale household brand names. Based on research conducted by the R&D team, we take scientific validation as the key measure in product development, custom formulas for bio-cellulose facial masks , Korean beauty facial masks, eye patches, lip patches and essences, and offer a wide range of private label skincare, collagen, supplement and probiotics manufacturing service.

How do we produce optimal, stable, and high-quality sheet masks ?

Global Beauty Facial Masks Market is Expected to Surpass $14 Billion

The beauty facial mask industry is expected to surpass US$ 14 billion by registering a CAGR of 8% through 2021-2031. Consumers use beauty facial masks for bleaching, purifying, and preserving the skin's complexion. Certain facial sheet masks ensure deep cleansing and anti-age, while others create a film that helps hydrate, moisturize, dry, or exfoliate the skin. Cosmetic face masks were mostly preferred by women initially, but nowadays, these are also widely available for men.

Who Is Private Label Skincare Best For?

Private-label skin care is best for companies that want effective products to sell under their branding without needing to develop and manufacture their formulations. If you lack the infrastructure or resources to manufacture your product but are well-established in selling your products, a private-label skincare manufacturer can be a good choice.

There are many partnership opportunities available with TCI. If you're looking to deliver branded, quality products that complement your services, we can help you get your product line to your customers as quickly as possible. From organic skin care products to personal care products, which can include our patented LipoMask® , we put you in control of your product line.

There are many benefits to choosing private-label skincare, including:

  • Products that have already been tested for microbial contamination and stability
  • A range of organic skin care products and active ingredients
  • A low barrier to entry so you can hit the ground running with your new product line
  • Increased profit margins with a new revenue stream
  • Enhanced brand loyalty
  • Much more cost-effective than developing and manufacturing your own products
  • Repeat orders are fast as the products are in stock and ready to ship
  • Low opening order minimums

Private labeling is one of the best partnership opportunities available to corporations interested in adding their name to skincare and supplements. Whether you need to expand an existing line or create a new one, we offer one of the most efficient solutions in the industry, such as our patented LipoMask®. This innovative technology facilitates serum absorption into the skin within 5 minutes! We can create an effective facial mask for you with LipoMask today. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Private Label / ODM / OEM Skincare and Sheet Masks
8 Steps of Hot-Sell Private Label Skincare Products Manufacturing

Manufacture Private Label Beauty Facial Masks with LipoMask

Technology of LipoMask™


2018 32nd World Genius Convention and Education Expo – Gold Medal


2018 1st Silicon Valley International Invention Festival


2019 1st London International Invention and Trade Expo – Gold Medal & Special Award

LipoMask has a dual-liposome the protects the active ingredients and allows them to go through the cuticle quickly. The experimental results have shown that nano-liposome absorption technology can facilitate serum absorption into the skin within 5 minutes! Besides, according to the clinical experiment, the average moisture of LipoMask is 18% higher than that of the control group. Water content is still 26% higher than after 8 hours, which provides excellent moisture retention.

Deep Penetration in 5 Minutes

In vitro test result shows that LipoMask™ essence can quickly penetrate within 5 minutes, better than general mask essence.

8 Hours Long-Lasting Effect

After using LipoMask™ for 8 hours, the moisture effect is 20% higher than the general mask.


Synergene™ is TCI’s proprietary formulation solution that is unique to the market.

Never again do you have to worry about another Me2 product on the market or paying on extra price for heavily branded ingredients that might not work well in all formulations.

We promise to help you maximize the potential of each ingredient by utilizing patented synergistic blends yielded from our in vivo&in vitro experiments.

Patentable blends allow you to present the value of the formulation to the consumers, allowing the technology to be perceived as an added value worth paying for.

Manufacture Private Label Beauty Facial Masks with a Variety of Natural Ingredients

Korean beauty facial masks are gradually becoming a sensation. As a manufacturer of sheet face masks, TCI has invested a lot in research & development and focused on including organic flavors and textures of fruits in beauty facial masks. Consumers’ demand for natural ingredients, such as honey, extracts of fruits, cucumber, cactus and plant stem cells, has spurred over time, and beauty facial masks manufactured by TCI are using organic ingredients that do not include chemicals.

Is Private Labeling Right for My Company?

Private labeling can bring a solid return on investment. A private label product line is one of the best ways to increase profit margins, diversify your business and boost your reputation.

Your customers may have asked if you sell your products. You've always wanted to create your product line but need more resources to manufacture products from scratch. With a low barrier to entry, private-label skincare products could be the solution you're looking for. 

Here are some questions to ask before entering a private labeling partnership:

  • Will there be enough demand for a product line?
  • Have you identified several viable products relevant to your business and customers?
  • Do you have enough startup capital?
  • Have you decided which fulfillment method you will use?
  • Do you have any branding ideas for your product?

As your private label partner, TCI will help you build your product line and give advice on legal requirements and fulfillment partners to provide a complete production solution. 

Customized Sustainable Products



  • Solar Renewable Energy
  • Reduced Carbon Emission


  • Enclosed Recycling System
  • Rainwater Infiltration System


  • Minimal Disturbance
  • Maximal Forestation


  • Comprehensive Industrial Waste Recycling

TCI is the world's only manufacturer with LEED green building certification and RE100 membership. It remains committed to protecting the ecological environment while creating high-performance private label collagen products. TCI's factories were achieved carbon neutrality and zero-carbon emissions in the GHG certification system.

Asian Solution

With HALAL, KOSHER, and TGA-certified supplement manufacturing facilities in the USA, Japan, China and Taiwan, private-label collagen products manufactured by TCI have been sold to 63 countries worldwide. TCI is experienced in supporting overseas clients on documentation importing products and product registration and help nutraceutical and cosmeceutical brands increase their Asian and Australian market share.

TCI is the Strongest Support for You to Stand Out from Competitors & Increase Market Shares

Our private label stock formulas are the ideal solution for large-scale household brand names and offer a wide range of skincare ODM manufacturing services to scale global business. TCI has been collaborating with medical centers to perform clinical efficacy tests and provide our clients with clinical efficacy reports that best guarantee our private label skincare products' effectiveness and help boost our client’s business in the global health and nutrition market.

Why Choose TCI as Your Private Label Skincare Manufacturer?

Over the past 40 years, TCI has created countless hot-selling private label skincare products with our OEM / ODM services , which together with the value added services and enable our clients to achieve sales up to USD 30 billion.

What To Expect From TCI as Your Private Label Manufacturer

At TCI, we help seize the market quickly with high-quality and effective products that drive sales and give your customers the best results. Our functional products and stable formulas are ready for immediate launch. We'll work closely with you to guide you through the private label process from start to finish. From market analysis and product design to compliance and creating highly competitive customized formulas, we'll be with you every step of the way and beyond.

Contact the team at TCI today to discover how quickly you can launch your own product line and explore the many benefits private label manufacturing has to enhance your business.


We offer solutions across your product formulation development, analytical services and supply globally.

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