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A company's lifeblood lies in the judicious use of its power, for it is a company's mission to utilize its resources in an effort to be part of and improve the lives of consumers so as to turn the future of humanity into the here and now. The same applies to the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which encourages the appropriate application of power rather than empty words. How does TCI implement CSR? We approach it from three angles. The first of these is TCI academy, which emphasizes a human-centered approach to the cultivation of talent in three core areas—the biological sciences, the humanities, and the arts—and accomplishes these goals through encouraging a step-by-step process of reading, writing, thinking, and dreaming. The second angle is TCI's realization of a true value-added cycle, in which discarded materials are recycled and efficient and eco-friendly environmental protection measures and equipment improvements are adopted to increase efficiency and achieve real environmental protection. For instance, the use of green energy on a large scale must be carried out in a practical, feasible manner if it is to be effective. The third and last angle is employee care. We sincerely wish to invite our employee's families and friends into the TCI family and make them proud to be a part of TCI. In doing so, we can spread positive energy through these relationships. These actions may not be reflected in the company's stock price, but I believe they are the most appropriate way in which we can use our power and capabilities. To us, the purpose of CSR is to bring the future to the present through the judicious and appropriate use of our power and capabilities.

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ESG Policy

TCI is committed to improving the lives of consumers with its corporate mission of "join and delight consumer lives." Adhering to the principles of trust, innovation, and intelligence, we work in partnership with suppliers and the value chain to create value for different stakeholders. TCI values sustainability and the entire group is dedicated to improving corporate governance, promoting environmental sustainability, and promoting social prosperity. We have established sustainable operation guidelines based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aligning with the 11 goals that are directly related to the company's operations. We continue to take concrete action on economic, environmental, ecological restoration, human rights, education, and integrity in our own operations and throughout the value chain.

ESG Marketing Policy
1. Our product descriptions are always balanced and truthful, and we never make misleading comparisons with our competitors.
2. We base our information on scientific evidence and avoid exaggerating the environmental and social benefits of our products.
3. We comply with government consumer protection laws in the country where we operate.

ESG Promotion Unit

The ESG Committee promote the sustainability affairs of TCI. The ESG Committee is led by the Chairman, and a total of 19 senior executives from all business divisions and centers serve as members. With the Board of Directors at the highest level, implements corporate governance, promotes a sustainable environment, fosters social care and strengthens information disclosure to realize corporate social responsibility on four levels. Members of the ESG Committee are appointed by the Chairman to represent the top executives of each department to participate and discuss ESG projects and provide cross-departmental resources. The Chief Sustainability Officer is responsible for planning the company’s ESG strategy blueprint, action plans, setting sustainability goals, and allocating corporate resources, as well as working with the ESG Committee to plan and promote sustainability projects within the company; track the progress of implementation; make timely adjustments in accordance with international sustainability trends; and respond to the expectations of stakeholders.
The Investor Relations and ESG Development Department, under the President’s Office, is responsible for studying international trends in sustainable development, grasping stakeholder needs and identifying major issues, proposing strategies to address or mitigate them and presenting them to the ESG Committee. The ESG Development Department also prepares an annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report to address the economic, environmental and social impact issues arising from its operations as one of the important channels of communication with external stakeholders.



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