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With 40 years of experience in the global health and beauty industry, TCI, a reliable CDMO & private-label supplement contract manufacturer, has created countless hot-selling private label products r organic products for large-scale household brand names. Based on research conducted by the R&D team comprising dozens of experts and PhDs, we take scientific validation as the key measure in product development, custom formulas for capsules, powders, liquids, tablets, soft gels, and functional drinks, and offer a wide range of private label supplement, collagen, probiotics, and skincare manufacturing service.

Applicable Dosages

We offer various dosage forms: liquid sachet(TDN), liquid shot, powder, tablet, and capsules to fulfill different scenario needs.









Seize the $505.4 Billion Business Opportunities of the Global Nutritional Supplement Market

The global nutritional supplements market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.2% from 2021 to 2028 to reach USD 505.4 billion by 2028. The functional foods segment dominated the market for nutritional supplements and held the largest revenue share of 60.0% in 2020. This is due to the rising demand for nutritional and fortifying food additives such as vitamins and minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, gummy supplement, and fibers. In addition, the rise in consumer awareness related to health and fitness further propels the demand for functional foods. TCI Co., Ltd is the only healthcare product manufacturer in Asia with both R&D and testing capabilities that combines hundreds of natural plant extracts with diverse efficacy testing platforms that screen for specific combinations. This allows us to customize effective products, increase product differentiation and help our client to seize the $505.4 billion business opportunities of the global nutritional supplement market.

Are Private Label Supplements Right for My Business?

Private labeling can be a good option for your business, especially if you're a well established supplement brand. Using private labels on pre-existing supplements with the owner's legal permission is a great way to ensure business growth without assuming full liability for the product itself. Applying your private label to the product often means you receive some protection from the supplier's insurance policy and compliance protocols.

The supplement provider handles aspects such as:

  • Legal considerations
  • Research and development
  • Marketing campaigns
  • FDA approval

This means your company gets all the perks of selling the product under your brand name without the costs associated with developing the product from inception.

Private Label / ODM / OEM Dietary Supplement and Vitamins Products

8 Steps of Hot-Sell Private Label Supplement Products Manufacturing

Healthcare Manufacture Private Label Supplement Products with TCI Patented Technology


Synergene™ is TCI’s proprietary formulation solution that is unique to the market.

Never again do you have to worry about another Me2 product on the market, or paying extra price for heavily branded ingredients that might not work well in all formulation.

Our promise is to help you maximize the potential of each ingredient by utilizing patented synergistic blends yielded from our in vivo&in vitro experiments.

Patentable blends allow you to present the value of the formulation to the consumers, allowing the technology being perceived as an added value worth paying for.

Manufacture Private Label Supplement Products with a Variety of Health Functions

TCI is experienced to manufacture private label nutritional and dietary supplements products.

。Body Health

Eye Health and Vision Supplement(fish oil, lutein…) / Sleep Aid / Immunity Boosters / Liver Health and Maintenance / Cardiovascular Health / Digestive and Gut Health

。Weight Management

Weight Loss & Slimming / Bowel Movement / Meal Replacement

。Women's Health

Breast Enlargement / Nourishment / Intimate Care

。Men's Health

Energy Boosters / Sexual Performance

Why Choose TCI as Your Private Label Supplement Manufacturer?

GMP Certified / ECOCERT / ISO 22716 / ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 / TGA / Kosher


Functional Drink Factory (Taiwan)

Functional Drink Factory (Shanghai)

Functional Drink Factory (Utah)


Functional Food Factory (Taiwan)

Functional Food Factory (Shanghai)


Eco Facial Mask Factory (Taiwan)

Asian Solution

With HALAL, KOSHER, and TGA-certified supplement manufacturing facilities in the USA, Japan, China, and Taiwan, private label collagen products manufactured by TCI have been sold to 62 countries in the world. TCI is experienced in supporting overseas clients on documentation for importing products and product registration and helping nutraceutical and cosmeceutical brands increase their Asian and Australian market share.

Customized Sustainable Products

TCI is the world's only manufacturer with LEED green building certification and RE100 membership. It remains committed to protecting the ecological environment while creating high-performance private label collagen products. TCI's factories achieved carbon neutrality and zero-carbon emissions in the GHG certification system.



TCI is the Strongest Support for Your Business

Our private label stock formulas are the ideal solution for large-scale household brand-names, and offer a wide range of supplement ODM manufacturing services to scale global business.

  • Validation of Scientific Ingredients
  • Advanced R&D Support with 12 Labs
  • Zero-Carbon Manufacturing
  • State-of-the-Art Automated Production Lines
  • Halal and KOSHER Certification
  • Total solution for Import and Export
  • Marketing Resource for communication
  • Global Patents and Awards

Stand Out from Competitors & Increase Market Shares?

TCI has been collaborating with medical centers to perform clinical efficacy tests and provide our clients with clinical efficacy reports that best guarantee of our private label supplement products' effectiveness and help boost our client’s business in the global health and nutrition market.

What Are the Benefits of Private Labeling Your Brand?

Selling private-label supplements specific to your brand is a great choice for health and wellness products that people purchase regardless of marketing, such as essential vitamins, heart health, and herbal supplements for adults, among other items. When the product labels reflect your unique brand, customers associate their trust in your company with product's reliability. All of TCI Bio’s products are created with our Synergene® Formulation Technology. This technology is used to develop truly effective products that can improve consumers' health and lifestyle, and each new product can create a new patent. Synergene® allows the customization of products for your business.  

You also gain that trust in your brand without the expense of manufacturing the product (whether that's calcium, dietary supplements, mineral supplements, or antioxidant supplements) from scratch. If your business sells popular supplements or medications that people regularly require for certain health conditions, these are some of the potential benefits of implementing private labeling on these products. 

Improves Market Stability

When you sell private label products, you can count on long-term market stability despite economic uncertainty. The lower prices of these supplements and health products mean your consumers will continue to make purchases regardless of whether a recession occurs . This is another reason to choose products people need (rather than want) for private labeling.

Limits Your Risk

Private labeling is a low-risk option for creating a unique product line for your brand. With private labeling, you eliminate the need for an initial investment in manufacturing and packaging of the product and testing and compliance with industry standards. Instead, the supplier takes on these responsibilities, and you simply worry about the cost of label design and printing.

Saves You Money on Marketing

Restocking shelves with privately labeled products yields cost savings by eliminating the premium associated with branded items. Lower procurement expenses enable competitive pricing. Focusing private labels on inherently attractive products bypasses the marketing efforts that major brands invest heavily in, benefiting your business and customers.

Provides Easier Business Growth

Private labeling is a great option for growing your business without adding much extra work to your schedule. You can work with companies like TCI, who manufacture, design and label your products for you, completing all the upfront work.

If you don't want to avoid developing a new product from scratch, many manufacturers also have white-label products you can add to your collection under your private label.

Increases Profit Margins

Your profit margins on sales of private label products are bound to increase because you're saving money on purchasing the product from a supplier. Since it costs less to manufacture a product with your private label than to pay for a premium brand and its marketing, you can still sell the product for a lower price and make a higher profit margin.

Offers Faster Turnaround Times

To ensure you can the products you need, choose a private label supplement manufacturer who always has inventory in stock. If you opt for private labeling of products like medicine, you can turn around inventory in less than 4 business days. Keep an open line of communication with the supplement manufacturer, especially at the beginning of your working relationship, to ensure it understands the demand and has the supply to meet your company and your customers's needs.

Establishes Your as an Expert

Customers look to the brand of the products they buy to provide proof of its efficacy, ethical sourcing of dietary ingredients, inclusion of healthy amino acids, and information about potential side effects. They want scientific evidence and reassurance about the quality of what they're purchasing. When you sell a wide range of private-label supplements with high-quality ingredients at affordable prices, you're establishing yourself as an authority on the medical condition or wellness area the supplement is designed to support.

Your customers expect the same quality and support they get from the supplements with your business every time they purchase from one of your storefronts. Over time, you become the trusted expert on these products, and customers actively seek out your brand name because of the reputation behind it.


We offer solutions across your product formulation development, analytical services and supply globally.

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