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Effective Formulas Are The Key To Success

TCI's research and development team consists of more than 203 talents with master's and PhD degrees, providing you with science-based support in food, nutrition, and beauty care and boosting the value and trust of your products with professional scientific background! Our scientific laboratories are divided into TCI Biomedicine Research Center and Gene Medical Research Center, which are the solid foundations of TCI's high efficiency and quality.

How does TCI build fast and amazing R&D capabilities?

TCI's proprietary Bio-Resource Data Mining technology combines bioinformatics and information science through automated AI management platforms and cloud-based systems. Each ingredient development process requires an average of over 17,700 trials, and introducing various automated platforms increases the speed of research and development by 70 times.


Discover the possibilities of tomorrow
Find more effective and safer ingredients and new technologies under reasonable conditions!

Next Lab focuses on forward-looking and innovative R&D topics, backed by the Group's resources, and combines advanced technologies from academic institutions to create new R&D opportunities. We search for precious bio-resource data mining sources worldwide and use our unique bio-resource data mining R&D process to explore the possibilities. In addition, through plant callus engineering technology, we preserve rare plants and search for highly effective ingredients to enhance the efficacy of our healthcare and skincare products.

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Furthermore, in terms of dosage form, we utilized the micro-emulsification coating technology and the research on the entire coating of micro-liposomes to create highly efficient food and skincare products with high absorption and further developed targeted micro-liposomes to enhance the efficacy of the product at the target site of action in a more specific manner. Through rigorous development technology and global patent layout, TCI continues to innovate, conduct research, and practice to solve possible problems for customers, satisfy the future needs of consumers, and create a better experience of life.

NEXT LAB. Equipment

Rotary Evaporator

It is a highly efficient instrument commonly used in biotechnology laboratories. It rapidly concentrates, separates, and purifies samples and is suitable for concentrating extracts, sample pre-treatment, etc., to improve experimental efficiency.

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