Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Title Name Education Experience
Chairman Yong Jiang Investment Co., Ltd.
Representative: Vincent, Yong-Xiang Lin
Bachelor's Degree in Botany, National Chung Hsing University Chairman & General Manager, TCI Co., Ltd.
Chairman & General Manager, Shanghai Biotech Company
Director Yang Guang Investment Co., Ltd. - -
Director DyDo Group Holdings, Inc. - -
Independent Director Lung-Yi Liao Bachelor's Degree in Economics, National Taiwan University Independent Director, China Development Financial Holding Corporation General Manager & Director,
First Bank Director,
Chang Hwa Bank Director
Independent Director Shou-Lu Zhang Bachelor's Degree in Economics, National Taiwan University Special Committee & Branch Manager,
華南金融控股(股)Hua Nan Bank Auditior General,
Hua Nan Financial Holdings
Independent Director Song-Yuan Liao PhD, National Chung Hsing University Associate Professor,
Department of Life Sciences,
National Chung Hsing University
Independent Director Shen-Yi Gao Doctor of Chemistry, Tufts University Professor, Graduate Institute of Biochemistry, National Chung Hsing University

Major Internal Policies

Articles of Incorporation (Chinese Version Only)

Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles (Chinese Version Only)

Codes of Ethical Conducts for Board of Directors and Managers (Chinese Version Only)

Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct (Chinese Version Only)


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight of the quality and integrity of the accounting, auditing, reporting, and financial control practices of the Company. The Audit Committee is responsible to review the Company’s: financial reports; auditing and accounting policies and procedures; internal control systems; material asset or derivatives transactions; material lending funds, endorsements or guarantees; offering or issuance of any equity-type securities; legal compliance; related-party transactions and potential conflicts of interests involving executive officers and directors; Ombudsman reports; fraud investigation reports; corporate risk management; hiring or dismissal of an attesting CPA, or the compensation given thereto; and appointment or discharge of financial, accounting, or internal auditing officers.

Under R.O.C. law, the membership of the Audit Committee shall consist of all independent Directors. TCI’s Audit Committee is empowered by its Charter to conduct any study or investigation it deems appropriate to fulfill its responsibilities. It has direct access to TCI’s internal auditors, the Company’s independent auditors, and all employees of the Company. The Committee is authorized to retain and oversee special legal, accounting, or other consultants as it deems appropriate to fulfill its mandate. The Committee meets at least once every quarter. Please consult TCI's annual report for the relevant year for the number of meetings convened and each member’s attendance rate.

The members of Audit Committee:

Internal Audit

Internal Audit aims to assist the Board of Directors and mangers in inspecting and reviewing defects in the internal control system as well as measuring operational effectiveness and efficiency. Internal Audit shall make timely recommendations for improvements to ensure sustained operating effectiveness of the system as well as provide a basis for review and correction.

Internal Audit

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