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2020 Six Global Trend


The Unstoppable Growth of Collagen Beauty Drinks

Shiseido launched another two new collagen products in March this year, The Collagen Drink 4D and The Collagen EXR Drink 4D, to help every individual enhance their own “4-dimensional beauty” from inside out. These new collagen products by the iconic Asian and once again ranked first place in the health care category of the Japan BEST COSME AWARD.

Source: Shiseido


Weight Loss During or After Quarantine

According to TCI’s research and analysis, “weight loss” is the most concerned topic among global consumers and it is worth noting that “sleep” is the third most concerned topic.

Probiotics, the must-have for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, the first dietary supplement that comes to consumers’ mind would be “fermented products/probiotics.” This year, the lack of exercise and overeating during the COVID-19 pandemic increased consumer demand for these weight-loss products. During the Chinese New Year holiday, fermented products were even ranked third in Taobao’s hot-selling nutrition and health product category.

2018 H2-2019 H1 Market size of new digestive health products

Potency Speaks Loudest

Consumers demand for the effects of fermented products has increased,and the sales of fermented products that claim to be “potent” doubled in 2018 compared to 2017.

Although consumers attach importance to the efficacy of products,they are also concerned about whether the products contain ingredients that over-stimulate the intestines and harm the body. According to statistics, the sales of fermented products featuring “natural or plant-derived


Probiotic products are essential for not only health but your business

According to the latest statistics from Innova Database, global product launches with a digestive/gut health claim grew at a CAGR of 19% in 2017-19, much higher than the overall growth rate (7%) of dietary supplements; this suggests the growth potential of digestive health products in the future.Among all product launches, probiotics/probiotics accounted for the highest proportion, nearly 50%, followed by high-protein/protein-source, high-fiber, and immune health supplements.

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