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Cheers! TCI Co., Ltd. Named as EP100's Energy-Smart Companies

EP100 is a global smart energy initiative promoted by the Climate Group. EP100 aims at bringing together global companies to pursue the goal of raising energy productivity and energy efficiency.

“The crucial strength and capacity of being a competitor for TCI is energy-saving in the future.” Chairman and General Manager of TCI Co. Ltd., Vincent Lin stated.

We support this idea that improving energy productivity can contribute to emissions reduction. We are also planning to upgrade the energy management systems in our factories and monitor the performance of our facilities systematically. We will gain more capabilities to maximize the productivity with the relative minimum of energy consumption. Lastly, we aim to develop more strategies for improving energy efficiency owing to our solid commitment to EP100. We expect to create new business opportunities for TCI’s valued clients and new business models. The new world we are chasing is to find the dream balance between economy and environmental sustainability.

We would like to use every single unit of power more efficiently and maximize the production capacities to sharpen the competitive edge for the products of our brand clients in the market. In addition, we would like to further integrate our suppliers and brand-name clients vertically with the concepts and practices of energy-saving and build up the green supply chain to scale up our energy conversion efficiency. Our ambition is not only building a point-to-point energy-saving/emission-reduction mechanism. The ultimate target is to have an integrative network for energy reduction and emissions reduction.

TCI is honored to be listed in EP100 members. We are taking actions on sustainability jointly with global top-notch companies and pursuing the goal of “Join and Delight Consumer’s Life” integrated with the concept of sustainability and green economy.

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