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Collagen: How It Helps The Skin

Collagen is a key component of our skin’s chemistry, and its what accounts for the line-free skin you enjoyed when you were young. As you age, however, the amount of collagen in your skin lessens, and that accounts for the fine lines and wrinkles that begin to appear around your eyes and mouth. Collagen also contributes to an even skin tone, and as you lose it you may find your skin looks redder and blotchier, as well as lined.

We’ve been producing products with collagen for decades, and your customers can rely on us to offer them only items that are safe and effective, and truly boost their collagen level.  Our scientists are at the forefront of beauty and wellness research, and we give your customers the finest products that science has to offer.  Our products rebuild the skin’s collagen level in a variety of ways.

We know that boosting collagen takes years off appearance and contributes to a healthy, youthful glow. Here are just a few of the way’s collagen helps skin rejuvenate and gives it a youthful appearance:

1) Collagen Tightens Skin: As we age, our skin tends to get looser and begins to sag. Collagen helps it firm up and tighten, which contributes to a youthful appearance. Using collagen regularly inhibits the sagging that comes each year, or from harsh weather, or even the stretch marks that inevitably come from activities like giving birth. Collagen works to slow down that process, as well as ease the appearance of damage already done.

2) Collagen Promotes Elasticity: Young skin “bounces back,” because it’s tighter, but it also has a certain amount of stretch. Getting older lessens that, so adding collagen, whether through topical creams or by taking supplements, allows the skin to become more elastic again.

3) Collagen May Smooth & Ease Cellulite: The science is still somewhat divided on this, but collagen certainly helps ease the appearance of cellulite. Whether it actually reduces it is still being studied, but it helps with the appearance of those bumps and dimples that come with age, particularly on the thighs and backs of the arms. Anything that helps lessen cellulite is good, right?

4) Collagen Plumps Up Skin: If there’s one place folks want to be plump, it’s in their face and lips! Adding collagen boosts the appearance of fuller lips and plumper skin, and that’s what creates a youthful visage. As we age, we lose collagen in our lips and cheeks, which is why using creams with collagen and taking supplements is so important.

5) Collagen Can Help Build Bones: One of the key advantages of taking collagen supplements is that they get to the body’s structure, so to speak, and help bind bones and muscles. That, in turn, makes bones less vulnerable to breakage, which is a serious risk as we get older. Collagen is one element in a health and wellness routine that should include balanced eating and regular exercise. (We cover this in an upcoming article!)

These are just a few of the reason’s collagen is such a vital component of health and wellness products on the market today. It can be added to facial creams and smoothed on at night; it can be put in a drink which gives customers a steady dose each day. Whether you put it on daily or drink add it to a smoothie (or both!) there’s no doubt that adding collagen to your daily self-care regimen will smooth your skin, ease joint pain, lessen that stubborn cellulite and even ease the appearance of stretch marks.

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