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Father, Swiftly Walking! Maxigen Biotech Inc. Charity Gift

As father’s day comes around the corner, the younger generation meticulously chooses gifts for their fathers and relatives. Faced with growing age, stiff joints, and greatly reduced mobility, Maxigen Biotech Inc. (1783) launched the “Good Joint 633.” The product uses TCI’s TCI633, a patented hyaluronic acid self-generating probiotic, and the exclusive patented PROBIO-ARK technology, which stimulates hyaluronic acid secretion and significantly increases the survival rate of bacteria. Clinical trials in hospitals show positive data in relieving joint symptoms.

MBI first donates 100 boxes of Good Joint 633 for charity sale, where all proceeds will help the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation’s home services for the elderly. Not only does this allow the younger generation to give gifts to protect their father’s joint health, but it also cares for orphans and promotes social welfare.

In addition to a health product charity sale, TCI and MBI employees jointly established a Huashan Social Welfare Foundation“Loving Deed Box” in the office to raise funds for caring for 100 elderly people living alone by 9/30 through personal donations and receipt donations.

MBI’s Manager, Ching-Ting Chen, stated that in cooperation with the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation’s “A Small Help for a Giant Leap of Action” charity event, MBI donated 100 cases of Good Joint 633, a premium joint health product, to the charity sale at a special price of NT$1,680 per case. The proceeds from the sale will be donated to Huashan elderly care, which not only improves the joint health of the nation and filial piety, setting an example to bring warmth for Father’s Day this year.

To reward consumers who have responded to the good deeds, MBI also hosted a full-value event on the MBI online store. During the event, consumers who spend over a specific amount can receive a full-value gift, limited to 100 people, which rewards consumers for their filial piety and social welfare so that the hard-working fathers can increase mobility and advocate kindness for elderly care.

Charity Event Information

Huashan Social Welfare Foundation online charity sale: https://reurl.cc/V16y2y

MBI online store: https://www.mbishop.com.tw

Physical Charity Sale: Every Wednesday at Huashan Social Welfare Foundation Headquarters (1F No. 420, Zhongzheng Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City)

MBI donated 100 cases of Good Joint 633 for social welfare. All proceeds will go to Huashan Social Welfare Foundation’s home services for the elderly
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