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Probiotic benefits-What these friendly bacteria can do for you

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are possibly taken in the body through supplements and fermented food substances. The consumption of probiotics is very useful to the body, and they are mostly referred to as friendly bacteria with numerous benefits to the body. In the article below, the benefits of probiotics and what they can do to the body are discussed in detail.


They help to treat and prevent diarrhea

Probiotics are capable of reducing the severe cases of diarrhea in a short time. When antibiotics are taken regularly, one of their side effects is diarrheas whose solution is in probiotics. According to studies (Cheng et al., 2019), the severe effect of diarrhea associated with antibiotics is dealt with by probiotics. More so, other forms of diarrhea that are not related to antibiotics can also be treated and prevented by the help of probiotics. The chances of treating and preventing diarrhea in children is higher than in adults, but it all depends on the probiotics dose taken.


Supplements of probiotics improve some mental conditions

Studies have reported that some mental conditions linked to gut health are improved by probiotics intake. The issues of mood swings for patients, autism, depression and anxiety can be treated by these supplements. In fact, the intake of probiotics starts to show results within the first and the second month with gradual and significant results of recovery. Intake of about 100g of probiotics yogurt and other related food substances daily will improve mental conditions like anxiety, stress and depression between 1-2 months with a consistent dosage (Kleerebezem et al., 2019).


Probiotics help in keeping the heart-healthy

Some strains of probiotics are very helpful in keeping the heart in order. It is reported that blood pressure, the poor state of cholesterol are lowered significantly by probiotics (Thushara et al., 2016). They have strains of lactic acid-producing a bacterium that breaks down bile and thus reduces the cholesterol around the heart, and this improves the state of health significantly. This is very important to the body


Probiotics help to reduce the severity of Eczema and certain allergies

There are strains in some probiotics that help to reduce severe cases of Eczema and other possible allergies. Children form the largest group of beneficiaries from the strains of probiotics. Numerous researches have shown that the rate of benefits from probiotics from children to adults is in an estimate of 57% and 26% respectively (Deshpande et al., 2017). Infants that are served with probiotics supplemented milk, and other food substances are likely to have immunity for Eczema and occasional allergies compared to those who don’t get a dose of probiotics. Pregnant women are also advised to have a regular intake of probiotics, and this will increase the possibility of having children with stronger immune systems.



In conclusion, the benefits of probiotics are assured with every intake. Whether raw probiotics or even in supplements, the strains of this friendly bacteria have a way of benefiting the body. The aforementioned benefits are just but a few compared to what probiotics are able to do for the body. It is therefore justified to say that the bacteria are friendly and helpful to the body.

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