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Protecting Probiotics. Do You Only Know About Embedding Technology?

Driven by both consumer trends and capital, the global probiotics market has been growing in the past few years, with new and old brands laying out the market. The “amount of live bacteria” has become the key core competition amongst brands. How to protect probiotics until it reaches the gut and function effectively has been a key challenge in the industry.

TCI’s newly launched probiotics transport technology – PBA PROBIO-ARK DELIVERY TECH has built a “Noah’s Ark” for intestinal flora to enter the human body. Its advantages include high affinity and all-round protection. It helps probiotics break through the “barriers” while being transported to the gut. Ultimately, allowing the intestinal bacteria to achieve maximum effectiveness. The introduction of this technology is a big step forward for the research and development of health foods.


Microorganisms are inseparable from human life and are closely related to human health or the occurrence of related diseases. Intestinal bacteria have become one of the most popular research topics in the world. Although probiotics have been widely used in yogurt, lactic acid drinks, health foods, etc.; however, the amount of probiotic flora that can reach the gut is actually very limited.

After consumption, the “journey” to the intestines through the digestive tract is not as easy as we thought. It is rather difficult. Many probiotics are inactivated because they cannot withstand the stomach acid and bile salts. For probiotics to maintain high stability and resist acids and alkalis, traditional antibacterial protection methods typically use multi-layer embedding technology, adjusting the embedding method according to various food dosage forms. By embedding probiotics in multiple layers of natural or synthetic polymer materials, it helps resist environmental interference during manufacturing to the human digestive tract. However, this method cannot fully protect the effectiveness of the probiotics. There is still more room for improvement.

The launch of TCI’s PROBIO-ARK DELIVERY TECH resolved this long-time industry challenge. The innovative technology is the result of years of research and development. PROBIO-ARK DELIVERY TECH is a high-affinity carrier for probiotics. The technology uses few embedding layers; effectively protects the probiotic flora; greatly enhances acid resistance; and enhances the amount of probiotics transported to the gut. It provides comprehensive protection for probiotics, allowing good bacteria to directly reach the small intestine for maximum effectiveness. In both human stomach acid environment simulation and clinical efficacy trials, PBA PROBIO-ARK DELIVERY TECH has proven to be highly effective in the transportation and protection of probiotics.

Under the electron microscope, images show that the PBA PROBIO-ARK plant formula forms an ark-like structure, hence the name PROBIO-ARK. Being a well-known health food manufacturer in the industry, TCI has always been based on cutting-edge scientific research and high-quality automated production, aiming to create international-grade high-performance health foods, empowering the Brand with technology, and protecting the health of consumers.

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