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Source of Collagen Supplements

Basic information of Collagen & Source of Collagen Supplements

You might be aware that collagen term is derived from Greek word “kola” means glue, and therefore word collagen means Glue producer, the name has been given because, earlier animal skin and sinews of horses were used to getting glue by boiling it and these glues were used to form a protective strength to baskets, rope, and embroidered fabrics.

You know almost every tissue of your body contains Collagen protein and are the most important structural constituent of the largest organ of your body which is your skin.

When you are young, your dermis the lower layer of skin has 85% collagen fibers, what the reason your skin is more elastic and firm.

Your body is able to produce collagen protein throughout your life, but as you get older the collagen content in your body gets less and lesser. As a result, you may find your beautiful skin turned into wrinkled one, you start experiencing muscle weakness and your bone becomes more fragile.

Collagen plays a crucial role in maintaining structure firmness and elasticity of your skin and muscles, bones and other connective tissues. Therefore collagens are widely used in many beauty products especially in anti-aging products and skin surgical procedures.

Collagen synthesis decreases in your body with age and an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore it is necessary to consume collagen-rich food or the food which boosts collagen production in your body.

Like all proteins, collagen is synthesis in your body and its building block unit is an amino acid, do you know your body proteins are composed of 20 different types of amino acids.

Out of 20 amino acids, your body is capable to synthesize only 10 types of amino acids, and you are totally dependent on your food for the other 10 essential amino acids.

Therefore taking healthy and protein-rich food maintain the stock of essential amino acids in your body, that are further used to synthesize various important body proteins, including collagen.

Though there are many natural ingredients are there that stimulate collagen synthesis in your body like green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, egg white, bone broth, meat, etc.

There are various Synthetic collagens supplements are available in the market, these synthetic collagens are generally obtained from the skin, tissues or bone of various animals like chicken, fish, pig, etc.


Fish Collagen:

When it comes to animal collagen, fish collagen is the best one; it is made up of type I collagen which is the most abundant type of collagen present in your body. 70% of your skin collagen is composed of Type –I Collagen, therefore consuming fish collagen supplements will help your skin to maintain its texture and also reverse the impact of aging.

Do you know Fish skin has 60 to 70% of collagen, is the primary source to obtain Fish collagen, though collagen can also be extracted from fish scales, bones, and fins, but the collagen extracted from skin is more beneficial because it is collected without application of any harmful chemicals, heat or radiations. Many people enjoy taking collagen supplements in their daily diet to restore their body collagen levels are extracted from wild fishes, because such type of collagens supplements are generally free from harmful antibiotics or pesticides, and it can be easily absorbed by your body.


Chicken Collagen: 

Chicken has a good quantity of collagen type-II, which is generally used for the medicine purpose to cure various bone and joint-related diseases like back and neck pain, arthritis, etc. It is also used in various beauty products because it helps in skin smoothing and also adds moisture to your skin. Chicken collagen is also known as hydrolyzed collagen powder, chondroitin, and glucosamine of chicken collagen help in rebuilding your cartilage. 


Bovine Collagen:

Bovine collagen is another popular name in the collagen world, which is mostly derived from cow skin, bones and tendons, and you would be happy to know that according to FDA bovine collagen is as safe as collagen obtained from other sources. Bovine collagen is a rich source of Type-I & Type III collagen, which is the most important component of your skin. Therefore, many people would like to add bovine collagen supplements in their daily diet to boost up their body collagen level, which generally decreases with your age, poor diet, and bad lifestyle. Bovine collagen is also helpful to those people who are allergic to other sources of collagen.


Pork Collagen:

Pork collagens are powerful ingredients that have been derived from pig’s skin and bones because it contains a high level of collagen. Pork collagen is commonly known as pork gelatine, which is obtained from partial hydrolysis of pig collagen. The Collagens extracted from pigs are used in tremendous healthcare and cosmetics products. 

 It is important to note that pork collagens are as safe as other collagens and you can include in your daily dietary to boost body collagen level.


Native collagen is a complex molecule and your body is not able to absorb or digest them, therefore native collagen fibers are processed into smaller collagen peptides so that your body can easily absorb and digest them.

These hydrolyzed peptides are available in the market in the form of pills and collagen powders; you can choose your preferred collagen supplements and include them in your daily diet to improve your body collagen level.



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