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Synergene® Formulation Science

TCI has adopted the concept of Synergistic effects and the verification of genetic experiments since 2016.

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Hundreds of herbal extracts interactions have been carefully stored in our databases to create TCI’s original Synergene® Formulation Platform. We only develop products with significant scentific-based efficacies and are able to improve consumer’s health and lifestyle.

TCI’s Synergene® Formulation Technology, combined with the research and development resources of our nine laboratories, and comprehensive database of gene, cell and human efficacy verifications, each formula is applicable for international patents. The available effects of the formulations include beauty, slimming, cardiovascular health, male health care, and much more.

TCI Co., Ltd is the only high-end nutritional product manufacturer based in Taiwan with Pharmaceutical grade R&D equipment and testing capabilities. We combine hundreds of herbal extracts with diverse efficacy testing platforms that screen for specific combinations. This allows us to customize formulation for our customers based on solid scientific results, increasing product differentiation and improving overall products effectiveness and providing value to consumers.

Validity Needs to be Claimed Through Scientific Evidence

Scientific Experiments and Safety are Key Points to Consider

Thousands of health foods and beauty products are sold on the market, but what do consumers care about the most? According to the Natural Marketing Institute’s inquiry of 3,000 European consumers, consumers consideration of product selection can be divided into six types, namely “efficacy”, “safety”, “source”, “vegetarian”, “product image”, and “flavor and easiness to swallow.”

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