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Taking Care of Seniors Living Alone in Pingtung, TCI Donated Chicken Soup Packets

The fundraising for the auspicious foods for Chinese New Year hosted by the Pingtung Station of the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation was not going well due to the recession and the crowding out effect. This news grabbed people’s attention and the fundraising finally reached the goal. TCI, one of the listed companies in Taiwan, delivered 500 chicken soup packets after the Chinese New Year and committed to long-term caring for seniors live in Pingtung. Now we have some beautiful ripples expanding from the society’s unnoticeable corners.

Zheng An-Ni, The Supervisor of the Pintung Station, addressed that they have more than 1,400 identified cases in Pingtung. Most of them are seniors who live alone in terrible economic conditions. Compared with children with a delightful future, the donators are not willing to help them due to their ages. It makes the supervisors at the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation are desperate to collect sufficient donations with all efforts.

Through the media exposure and the sponsorship from companies, the result manages to throw a sprat to catch a mackerel. Liao Xing-Yu, the regional supervisor commented it emotionally that lots of people love helping people but cannot find an appropriate way to express their kindness. Until the issue of seniors emerged in Pingtung, people eventually knew the groups they can help. However caring service needs a long-term plan to support it. Ms. Liao is also worrying about the donations are just a flash in the pan. Therefore she is looking forward to more and more people joining them for volunteering.

Sophia Chang, the representative of TCI who delivered chicken soup packets by her own hands, said that there are many elders falling down due to the lack of muscular strength and the chronic diseases caused by the three hypers (hypertension, hyperglycaemia and hyperlipidaemia). We not only take care of elders’ health by the chicken soup packets advised by dietitians, but also remind the public not forgetting the kindness to your family members.

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