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TCI attends APEC Regional Renewable Energy Growth conference

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TCI Co., Ltd. (TCI) was invited to attend the ” Utilizing Renewable Energy Certification to Facilitate APEC Regional Renewable Energy Growth ” press conference held by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection on March 2. TCI Chairman Vincent Lin announced that TCI will complete the use of 100% renewable energy by 2030, becoming the leader of Taiwan’s manufacturing industry on energy saving and setting a global environmental positive benchmark in the biotechnology sector.

Chairman Vincent Lin shared at the press conference that he applied to RE100 in 2017 and was selected to join in 2018. During the application process, when setting the target, he received a suggestion that the target date could be set at 2045 or even 2050. At that time, he thought that energy saving and carbon emission reduction was the right future and should be implemented ahead of schedule, so he was determined to meet the target by 2030. From the very beginning, he started to review the existing business projects, and as long as there is a conflict with the use of renewable energy, it is not a project that will be able to survive in the future. He adjusted the services of TCI in response to the trend of renewable energy use and energy saving, carbon reduction, and started the process of achieving 100% renewable energy by 2030 with a balanced benchmark that can embrace both blessings and financial returns. Vincent Lin said that the business leaders from various fields who participated in the event are partners in energy saving and carbon reduction, each with their own expertise, and will be able to support each other on the way to 100% renewable energy use.

The press conference was attended by Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Deputy Executive Director of the Office of Energy and Carbon Reduction of the Executive Yuan, Director of the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Executive Director of the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), USA, and representatives of companies participating in the Taiwan Forum, including Chairman of AUO, President of Cathay Financial Holdings, Chief Sustainability Officer of Delta Electronics, Chairman of TCI, Director of PwC Taiwan, and Chairman of Taipei 101.

The APEC Online Forum, which will be launched from March 7 to 9 with the theme “Utilizing Renewable Energy Certification to Facilitate APEC Regional Renewable Energy Growth”, is the first time for 21 APEC member economies to promote renewable energy-related issues in the region from the perspective of renewable energy certification. The theme of the forum is discussed from the policy system side, market side and enterprise ESG side, and it is also the first time that Taiwan co-organizes a cross-fora forum on “energy” and “standards” in the APEC international conference venue, which is of key significance to the future development of renewable energy and certification market.

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