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TCI Co., Ltd launches Bioresource Data Mining in Hi Japan

TCI Co., Ltd is going to participate in Hi Japan Exhibition today (10/3). Vincent Lin, the chairman of TCI Co., Ltd, will reveal the world’s fastest biological development platform, Bioresource Data Mining.

Bioresource Data Mining is an exclusive R&D module, combining with big data, AI and automated laboratories to fasten the speed of developing active ingredients. Bioresource Data Mining will help TCI Co., Ltd to move forward to next level in functional drink industry.

In Hi Japan 2018, Vincent Lin will represent TCI Co., Ltd to launch ten new innovative ready-for-sale products and exclusive IBD ingredients which are developed by Bioresource Data Mining. The new products include the hot trend in health market of homology of medicine and food, slimming enzyme, self-generated hyaluronic-acid probiotics and hypoglycemic coffee. Thus, we can bring more business opportunities in the Japanese market; most importantly, “Join and Delight Consumer’s Life.”

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