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TCI Devotes to Marine Conservation: Releasing Sea Turtles to the Wild with National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

Speaking of marine conservation, TCI always stays ahead of the curve. Recently TCI started a collaborative project with the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium (NMMBA) focusing on marine protection. By releasing sea turtles to the wild at the seashore of Houbi Lake on October 19th with the assistance of professional coast guards and employees of NMMBA, we dedicate ourselves to protecting marine ecology and educating our children about marine knowledge and marine conservation.

Sea turtles are facing many threats during their growth. Besides predators and being captured by improper fishing techniques, ocean pollution is another lethal threat for sea turtles. Pollution leads to chronic diseases on sea turtles, and the remaining fishing lines and plastic garbage may cause them to be died or handicapped owing to the trapped and wound on flippers or necks. Based on the research, only 1% sea turtle cubs survive and grow up successfully. In Taiwan, each person produces 2.1 kg of garbage every single day. Taiwanese people use 18 billion plastic bags every year – that is a fatal killer who murders ocean creatures by “plastics”. There is a fact you may not know: About 200 dissections of sea turtles  found  stranded  ashore showed that more than half had consumed  plastic and other waste produced by humans in Taiwan. One plastic bag may cause the death to an endangered species.

Vincent Lin, the President of TCI, hopes to promote right concepts and knowledge to raise people’s awareness of marine conservation for sustainable development of marine ecology. The instructors taught the turtle rescue class and guided the participants to visit the Marine Laboratory and the Specimen Room in NMMBA. “In the beautiful afternoon, after taking good care by the employees of NMMBA, the rehabilitated sea turtles surrounded by people’s encouragement are crawling to the embrace of the sea for reunion.”


As an influential manufacturer, we have to set a good example for the others. TCI devotes to marine conservation proactively and faces those tough realities occurring on the planet. Environmental protection and sustainability are the inevitable responsibility for every single person: We have only one planet. We pride ourselves on being a green manufacturer and focus on building circular economy, sourcing renewable energy, and achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Furthermore, we encourage our employees cutting down the usage of disposable plastic products by using a reusable bag and environmental protection tableware. At the same time, we continue working the sustainable projects for building a better future and protecting marine ecology. Environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility and we should take immediate action.

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