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TCI got a big win at the International Innovation Awards 2021

The International Innovation Awards and International Innovation Summit are organized annually by Enterprise Asia. The International Innovation Awards is a global benchmark, with leading companies such as Unilever, Adidas and Dell all competing for the award. TCI received this year’s Innovation Service for Corporate ESG Value award.

With the goal of creating prosperity through restoration, TCI has established the “Sunrise Park” in Pingtung, Taiwan to cultivate a variety of plants to GLOBAL G.A.P. standards, including the national flower of South Africa, the king protea, rose, white roselle, okra, Bignose Rhinacanthus, chiapao melon, long yellow daylily, and white wax apple.

TCI promoted the Revive 100 project 10 years ago to save 100 species of endangered plants through restoration. With TCI’s bio-resource data mining, their functions and values can be found out. By using restoration to create prosperity, we hope that these rare plants endemic to Taiwan can truly return to the world, not just in museums or specific places.

TCI is famous for supplement, with collagen being the most well known. TCI caring for consumers and understanding their needs, and provide comprehensive service including product planning, marketing, research and development, package design, manufacturing, quality control, legal consultation, import/export service through Integrated Bioscience Design.

TCI’s innovations include effective raw materials, product manufacturing processes, disease detection, precision drug use and medical materials. In recent years, we have been ahead of the curve in the direction of environmental sustainability, making good use of big data and automation to create a variety of products with circular economy concepts. Take red quinoa as an example. First, we have extracted effective ingredient to slow down skin glycation. Second, we have used dietary fiber to make digestive noodles. Finally, the remaining residue has been fermented and used as fertilizer for growing red quinoa. The whole process is not wasted, and its value is thoroughly exploited.

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