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TCI Launched “Mondays for Future” Diet Regime to Save the Future

TCI CSR Committee launched “Mondays for Future” campaign started from 8/26. Every Monday, we provide all vegetable meals for lunch to support TCI’s global action plan on carbon reduction!

Have you ever realized the more frequent occurrence of extreme climate events is threatening our lives across the globe?

The torrential rain and flooding in Kaohsiung, the European heat wave, wildfires raging in Arctic Circle, and Greenland’s massive ice melt…

All of these are highly related to climate change resulting from the considerable greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change News

The livestock industry takes up 18% of overall greenhouse gas emissions, and diets are highly intertwined with human life.

Every meal we enjoy generates 1.6 kg of carbon emissions in average. The exact emissions of each meal vary between different types of meat.

Meal Carbon Footprint

Taking part in “Mondays for Future” can help to reduce 1.5 kg of carbon emissions per person per meal.

If you keep on joining, the sum of the reduction of carbon emissions equals to the emissions caused by a car travelling from Taipei to Pingtung for 360 km.

We take care of the health of our employees, whilst taking care of our planet.

Meat Lover and Vegetarian

In order to let our partners enjoy the Meals for Future with ease and reduce the consumption of disposable tableware; we start the collaboration with “Chingpiao” to offer reusable lunch boxes for meals.

A simple action plan: bring your reusable tableware and return the box after lunch.

Actions for sustainability start from daily meals!

In queue for vegetable meals

Introducing Mondays for Future

Mondays for Future all vegetable meal

Annual Carbon Footprint


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