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TCI, the 1st company in Taiwan listed in RE100 members, was praised by the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA (Taiwan)

As the 1st company in Taiwan listed in RE100 members, TCI obtained the Excellent Manufacturer of Circular Economy recognized at the 2018 Int’l Conference on Circular Economy: New Business Models for Circular Economy on June 13th, 2018. Zheng-Hua Lu, the head of the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA (Taiwan), awarded the trophy on behalf of the MOEA (Taiwan). Sam Kimmins, the president of RE100, stated that the innovative practice of manufacturing the most environmental-friendly facial masks by sourcing renewable energy by their S11 Green Mask Factory will billow out and hit a change for the future trend of skincare industry in the opening address. ? It is not only an honorable moment for TCI, but also a path-breaking mark for the emerging of Taiwan in global renewable energy development.


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