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TCI was Honored to Receive the Highest Award for National Quality Award

TCI was awarded the “Enterprise – Outstanding Management Award” on December 6th, 2018. Aquagen Deep Ocean Sparkling Water even became the designated water for the award ceremony. TCI was founded 38 years ago and have adhered to cooperate and produce high- efficacy products with brand customers. Join & delight consumer’s life. This year, we further integrate full automation, big data, and artificial intelligence to innovate “Bioresource Data Mining,” which accelerates research and development speed by 70 times. Not only is it able to expand global biological resources research and development of extractive and effective ingredients, but also promote the traditional food sector to a new functional market.

TCI has world-class technology, comprehensive integration services, high-standard certification, and innovative capabilities for continuous and refined services. Stepping out of the norm as a world-class company, TCI is the model serving the world’s leading brands with its comprehensive high-quality products and excellent management.

“The National Quality Award” is designed to establish overall corporate excellence in business performance and image, enhance the company’s operational excellence management level, strengthen its organizational and operational capabilities with a sustainable unique competitive advantage, and establish a role model.

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