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TCI won the“CSR Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility”

In 2022, the “CSR Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” was held on September 8 and recognized TCI (8436) for the fifth time in the “Medium-sized Enterprises” category.  Chief Sustainability Officer Cian-Tian Huang stated, “In addition to committing to using 100% renewable energy, TCI set a more determined climate goal on Earth Day this year to reduce water intensity by 25% by 2030, achieve zero waste in the production aspect, and reach net zero emissions by 2040.”Thus, demonstrating the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Commonwealth stated that TCI is a vanguard of green production in Taiwan. From being the first to join the RE100 international initiative to being committed to realizing circular economy and maximizing the value of natural resources, and in recent years, to building a “biodiversity park” and expanding industry-academia cooperation in the environmental field, TCI continues to demonstrate the spillover value of its corporate investment in environmental sustainability.

From the circular economy concept, TCI explores the efficacy of natural ingredients and compounds through the “Bio-Resource Data Mining platform” and finds health benefits in agricultural wastes such as banana peels, longan shells, peanut membranes, and Chenopodium formosanum shells to create high-value-added functional products.

Now Taiwan quinoa (Chenopodium formosanum) has been fully recycled After the first extraction of Djulis shells to slow down skin glycation, Chenopodium formosanum shell residue can be made into “Chenopodium formosanum noodles,” which are rich in dietary fiber. After making noodles, the remaining Chenopodium formosanum shell residue can be made into highly nutritious compost using fermentation technology and eventually returned to the soil.

In addition, TCI pointed out that the only way to strive toward the future is to develop “technology-based agriculture” and upgrade theindustry.

Therefore, in 2021, TCI collaborated with the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology to develop a 2.5-hectare field in the university into the first “Biodiversity Park” in Taiwan through industry-academia cooperation. In addition, the Company plans to cultivate a variety of Taiwan’s native plants to achieve the three goals of ecological affluence, industrial affluence, and future affluence through “plant restoration.”

Currently, land preparation and irrigation system are completed in the Biodiversity Park, and the first soil carbon sink survey and the first ecological survey have been implemented. In 2023, TCI will launch the “Rehabilitation Internship” program to cultivate more outstanding talents in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

TCI’s sustainable management policy starts with employees. TCI launched a car-free transportation activity in response to the 9/22 World Car-Free Day, and thousands of employees responded collectively.
TCI won the CSR Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility.


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