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TCI won three prizes in the 2023 Green World Awards, revealing new technologies at Vitafoods Europe

Another good news from TCI! TCI won three prizes in Green World Awards organized by the Green Organisation, namely “Green World Champion for Upcycling Economy,” “Global Gold Winner for Biodiversity,” and “Global Silver Winner for Corporate Sustainability.” Winning this award again shows the high recognition for TCI’s commitment to a green economy. TCI, through green and zero-carbon manufacturing, actively expands its global contract manufacturing business and will attend Vitafoods Europe, the European exhibition for health ingredients, from May 9th to May 11th, showcasing its exclusive patented technologies.

Vitafoods Europe is the largest global professional exhibition of natural botanical extracts and health food ingredients in Europe, which is held in Geneva, Switzerland, annually. As an international CDMO health supplement manufacturer, TCI has participated in the exhibition for 4 years. This year, the theme of the exhibition is Zero Carbon CDMO, which reveals the zero-carbon sustainable corporate value. TCI Group is located at booth G54. The main visual effect of the booth is made of red, white, and gold, the representative colors of TCI, and TCI will introduce the most popular VR device, allowing the guests to have a new interactive experience seeing the automated production lines through virtual reality. TCI has invited 100+ leading companies from direct sales, retail, FMCG, and e-commerce channels from different countries to discuss new product innovations at the TCI booth, expected to boost business opportunities in the health supplement industry.

TCI will reveal an exclusive patented technology at the exhibition, including the “Double Nutri Solid Technology” this technology is capable of producing special microstructures of active ingredients during the manufacturing process, which significantly enhances the bioavailability of these ingredients. The results are particularly prominent for vitamins and minerals, as the data shows. Another highlight is the “Crystal Clear Collagen Drink,” which contains 10g of collagen peptides and TCI’s exclusive patented material, Crystal Roselle Extract, which enhances skin radiance, brightness, and moisture.

TCI follows the international environmental protection trends and vertically integrates from the most upstream farm feeding. Whether it is the R&D of the recycling and upcycling economy by reusing agricultural residues or the zero-carbon production of renewable energy, TCI has created a successful and profitable model of sustainable biotechnology. This concept of green and sustainable practices will be showcased at the upcoming exhibition as we continue to expand global business opportunities and promote a green business model, securing a leading position in the industry.

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the green world awards
Jennifer Holiday, the Human Resources Manager of TCI USA, attended The Green World Awards on behalf of TCI.
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