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TCI’s Attendance at Climate Week NYC: an Honorable Speech

TCI was invited by the Climate Group to attend the Climate Week NYC 2019. This summit takes place alongside with the UN General Assembly every year and brings international leaders from business and government together to showcase the agreements and the determination on global climate action.

Each year Climate Week NYC hosts a number of events including addresses and forums throughout the week. They organizer invites CEOs from international corporations, high-ranking government officials, investors, governors, and mayors to have addresses for kicking off the series of events every year.

The international leaders invited this year include John Kerry, the former United States Secretary of State; Pedro Sánchez, the Prime Minister of Spain; Carlos Alvarado Quesada, the President of Republic of Costa Rica; Mette Frederiksen, the Prime Minster of Demark; Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California; and José Ángel Gurría, the Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The enterprises participated in this summit include McKinsey & Company, Unilever, Estée Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, IKEA, 3M, and Ørsted.

Remi Lee, the Chief Sustainability Officer & the Spokesperson of TCI, shared our innovative development for building circular economy and valuable experience as a leader in the global biotechnology industry for the business operation and the manufacturing run by renewable energy during this attendance.

Among various enterprises, TCI is one of the few companies who have implemented manufacturing process featured with state-of-the-art technologies run by renewable energy but have still been earning enormous profits now. Remi said that Vincent Lin, the Chairman of TCI, thought that now it is a perfect moment to have some long-term plans for sustainability owing to the medium size of this company. In the near future we can anticipate the challenges an enterprise will face under the influence brought by climate change: these challenges include the supervision of laws and regulations, demands on brand image, and brand recognition. The only consensus for solving these problems is the solid actions should be done for saving energy and environmental protection. Many action plans based on an environment-friendly concept will result in several serious issues such as increased operational cost, reduced gross profits, difficulties occurred during manufacturing. It will be too late if we try to tackle these issues after having annual revenue of ten billions of dollars. If we try to do that, we will expend much more cost and time to fix them off. As of today, TCI have set the achievements of the automation and the green architectures for saving energy with competitive gross profits that have grabbed global attention. Furthermore, the high-performance products developed by our models of circular economy not only relieve the burden on the planet with the best utilization, but also increase the average income of farmers. These features have established the differentiation and the good brand image for TCI that further become the competitive advantages for our business operation. They can be expected to become the crucial components for the operation of the future No.1 manufacturer.

Climate Week NYC is the cornerstone for the provisions for climate change formulated by the governments across the globe. Many regulations or agreements on a worldwide scale have been formulated during the events hosted by Climate Week NYC. Through the experience shared by TCI and other world-renowned enterprises, Climate Week NYC provides more convincing references for the development of biotechnology industry. TCI’s experience is one of the crucial parts which are contributed by Taiwan for our planet.

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