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TCI’s Attendance at the 2019 Green Financing Taiwan: Sharing Our Strategy for Sourcing Renewable Energy

Remi Lee, the Chief Sustainability Officer at TCI, was invited by the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) to attend the 2019 Green Financing Taiwan as a keynote speaker in the session of Corporate Renewable PPAs on April 26, 2019.

As the first company in Taiwan to be listed in RE100 members, TCI committed to the course of action: we will source 100% renewable energy for our global operation by 2030. We will achieve the goal by leveraging three strategies: self-supply, Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). During the conference, we were expounding our scientific methods and journey on how to approach 20%, 30%, 50%, and 100% renewable energy to the financial institutions and the energy companies who participated in this session.

After the Renewable Energy Development Act takes effect, TCI takes the lead and is going to be the very first instance in Taiwan that successfully executes the delivery of renewable energy by signing a PPA: TCI had signed a MOU with a renewable energy supplier earlier this week.

We believe that “green industry”, “sustainability”, and “using renewable energy” are definitely the essentials of competitiveness in the future.

# RE100 is a global, collaborative initiative launched in 2014 by The Climate Group in partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). All business members of RE100 have to commit to sourcing 100% renewable energy with a concrete timeline.

# TCI is the first company in Taiwan listed in RE100 members and is running neck and neck with those giants such as Google, IKEA, and Apple on the journey of sustainability.

# Participants including Mark Hutchinson, the vice president of Wood Mackenzie, Dr. Wu, Chung-Shu, the chairman of Taiwan Academy of Banking and Financing (TABF), and Ben Backwell, the CEO of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) were convened to discuss the status quo and the future of the Taiwan renewable energy market.

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