TCI's LipoButy™ – Paris debut in Cosmetic 360

TCI participates in 2018 Cosmetic 360 in Paris. This year at the Cosmetic 360 exhibition, we will be launching our whole new LipoButy™ series of products – LipoMask™ x LipoSense™ x LipoQueen™.

In 2018 Cosmetic 360, we believe that LipoMask™, LipoSense™ and LipoQueen™ will help our clients add new exciting items to their portfolio and meet their customers’ needs of daily skincare. TCI LipoButy™ uses small particle size to accelerate transdermal delivery of the formulation. Because the structure of liposome is similar to that of cell membranes, it can efficiently transport the active ingredients into the deeper layer of the skin. Full encapsulation of the entire formulation protects the active ingredients from becoming damaged or lost during delivery. There are 1 trillion liposomes per every drop of the formulation. Through active transportation and high absorption rate, you can immediately see and experience the difference of this revolutionizing skin care series.

TCI’s patented lipo technology has earned recognition from multiple international awards. To further expand into the European market, TCI would like to contribute our professionalism and sophistication in the beauty field from across 53 countries to “Join and delight consumer’s life.”

TCI's LipoButy™ – Paris debut in Cosmetic 360

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